Skip the Thrice a Day Pelvic Floor Exercises or Risky Vagina Tightening Surgeries. Try This Instead.

NO Pain and ZERO Downtime

In light of Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), covid measures are put in place during our diagnostic consultations in line with all official requirements

Our vagina, to us ladies, is a special part. It's there with us through thick and thin, and it brings us woe (ugh that time of the month) and joy. But how often do we take care of it?

Just like any other muscle in the body, the pelvic floor muscles that support the vagina can get injured or simply deteriorate overtime (especially after childbirth and menopause).

(In fact, what many understand as the vagina becoming “looser” over time is actually a deterioration of muscle strength and control.)

Before you know it, you may find yourself :

Facing pain or discomfort during sex because of poor lubrication

Avoiding any tight-fitting bottoms, like yoga pants or bathing suits

Wearing pads all the time in case of accidental urine leakage from laughing, sneezing or coughing too hard

Constantly on the lookout for a toilet because of weaker bladder control

And this often happens WAY before we are mentally ready to start wearing diapers or stop having sex!

All these symptoms are disguised as individual problems, but they all really point back to one thing – weakened pelvic floor muscles.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Thanks to the NEW INDIBA® Technology, there is now a proven, surgery-free way to rejuvenate your vagina - without downtime, pain, or risk. 

Introducing Jo Aesthetic Clinic’s INDIBA® 448 KHz Radio Frequency Vaginal Rejuvenation Therapy (VRT)

Treats both the Internal and External

Most Vaginal Rejuvenation Treatments like surgery or laser treatments target ONLY the external appearance of the area, or tightens the internal muscle.

With INDIBA® Radiofrequency treatment, we can target both to:

  • Reduce sagging, loose skin and discolouration for a younger, firmer look
  • Improved elasticity and lubrication of the inner vaginal walls to enjoy intimate moments with your partner - without pain or discomfort
  • Increase control over internal muscles to treat incontinence - you can laugh, sneeze or cough freely without fear of involuntary urine leakage

In other words, you do not have to undergo two separate procedures for internal and external rejuvenation. You can achieve them in the same treatment session!

Painless and Safe

If you’ve gone for any other aesthetic treatments around your pelvic region, you probably already know that the skin around that area (not to mention the inside!) is one of the most vulnerable to pain and heat.

That’s why picking a treatment that is painless and risk-free from potential side effects like burns, redness, or scarring is so important. 

Completely non-invasive and non-ablative, unlike laser or surgery treatments.

Heat settings can be toggled along a range of temperatures and adjusted according to the individual’s comfort level.

In the rare case that you feel that the INDIBA® probe is too warm, our therapists can immediately customise the setting according to your comfort level.

Back to Business right away - No Downtime

You don’t have to wait for days, if not weeks, to recover.

INDIBA is a non-invasive patented 448kHz proionic system. It involves the delivery of a monopolar radio frequency energy deep into the skin's dermis and sub-dermal layer.

This stimulates collagen production WITHOUT damaging the external layer of skin. There is NO DOWNTIME.


Yes, that includes sex! You can be out of the treatment room and back in action with your partner that very night! There will be no discomfort or pain. 

In fact, while the women themselves may not feel the effects immediately, many of our customers have shared that their sexual partners could feel the difference - after just one session!

How Does INDIBA® VRT Work?

A Quick Step-by-Step Process


Diagnostic Consultation with Dr. Jo


Order Your Personal INDIBA® Probe


Treatment with a Trained Female Therapist


Enjoy the results immediately


Review after 4 sessions


Regular Maintenance (depending on the condition)

Why Choose Jo Aesthetic

Female Doctor and Therapists

Your comfort level is our highest priority. 

Not only are our therapists trained to operate the INDIBA® machine specially for this Vagina Rejuvenation Therapy, we also have a first-hand understanding of how it’s like as our vagina changes overtime.

You can rest easy knowing that our team of women have also been through it all - the milestones of pregnancy, childbirth and even menopause (and how it’s like to go through that with your spouse).

Personalised & Customised Attention – Only To You At Any One Time Slot

At Jo Aesthetic Clinic, we seek to deliver a younger, natural look for you (the way you envision it to be).

To ensure this, we analyse your individual skin type, possible allergies, pre-define areas of possible complications like blood vessels and nerves, and explain all your options clearly beforehand.

But that’s not all.

At every step of the aesthetics, our therapists will confirm if we’re on track towards your desired look via verbal feedback monitoring your comfort level. And yes, will only serve you during your dedicated booked time slot.

Only Medical & Professional Advice-No Upselling or Hidden Fees

We respect our customer’s choice and will only provide strict medical recommendations to help achieve your desired result with a peace of mind.

Prices are also made transparent before the aesthetics procedure. The result? A comfortable and seamless in-and-out clinic experience.

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Are we still allowed to have diagnostic consultations or receive treatment during Phase 3 (Heightened Alert)?

Yes, our clinic is still open and observing all official requirements. No taking masks off at all times during the consultation and safe distancing measures are put in place.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a consultation with the doctor over the phone.

How fast can I see the results?

Visible results varies between women depending on the condition you’re struggling with before going for the treatment.

In fact, while the women themselves may not feel the effects immediately, many of our customers have shared that their sexual partners could feel the difference - after just one session!

How long is the procedure?

This procedure can be between 45 min to 1 .5 hours depending on which treatment type you choose.

Is the procedure painful?

No at all. You may feel some discomfort during insertion and disinsertion of the electrode.

Are there any contraindications?


  • While pregnant
  • Implanted electronic device (we can work with removable electronic implants)

Not contraindications:

  • Hormonal therapy
  • Intrauterine device (IUD)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Menstruation (although we recommend clients to come for this treatment the week after menstruation)
  • Menopause

How soon after having a baby can I have an INDIBA treatment?

You can start with INDIBA within the first week after having a baby to help speed your recovery and reduce pain. Your therapist may start with bio-stimulation first. We have a special sterilised cream for open wounds and your therapist will be able to treat around this until it has closed, like in caesarean sections. INDIBA may help with improving scar formation and ensure it is supple.

Will there be any hard selling?

No. Only professional and medical recommendations will be given.

Is it convenient to reach the clinic

Yes, we’re just a 5-minute walk away from Sixth Avenue MRT Station at:

#02-08 Guthrie House
1 Fifth Avenue
Singapore 268802

Do I have to wait a long time once I reach the clinic?

The waiting time is generally kept between 5 to 10 minutes.

About Jo Aesthetic Clinic

Jo Aesthetic Clinic, located in Bukit Timah, Singapore, was founded and is led by Dr. Joanne Wong, specializing in customized and non-invasive medical aesthetic treatments for women.

The clinic was founded on the idea of providing people with a more holistic treatment experience. Using the latest tools and technologies available in the aesthetics industry, Jo Aesthetic Clinic aims to provide both immediate and long-lasting results in the most comfortable and holistic manner to its customers.

You can avoid the discomfort of involuntary urine leakage, weaker sexual function or having to discuss it with anyone else other than a professional.

Dr. Joanne Wong

Founder/Director, Jo Aesthetic Clinic

But maybe you’re not so sure if this is really what’s right for you, and that’s perfectly normal. In fact, we encourage you to find out more from an experienced healthcare professional before you make this decision!

That’s why we’re offering a no-obligations Diagnostic Consultation (phone/physical) with Dr. Jo.

Simply fill in the form to speak with our team where we can answer all your burning questions and help you book an appointment!

  • Receive our Dr, Jo’s full medical assessment
  • See our proven case studies, results, credentials and before/afters for yourself!
  • Get immediate, practical tips on long-term maintenance of your vaginal health.
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In light of Phase 3 (Heightened Alert), covid measures are put in place during our diagnostic consultations in line with all official requirements

All information is held in the strictest confidence in accordance with our privacy policy

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