Announcement: some businesses are marking up prices up to 2-3xfor covid-19 related funeral service. If you’ve family or relatives that passed on through COVID-19, HIV or AIDs, you can call us as our team are NEA trained (no hefty mark up)

Funeral Service Singapore:

“For all these years... Thank you”
A final parting gift they deserve.

Worry and hassle free funeral process without the hefty mark-ups and hidden cost

When someone we care about passes away, it's an exhausting and heartbreaking process. However, due to the compressed timeline, families are forced to rush through all aspects of the funeral, from obtaining the death certificate to collecting the body, emblements, setting up tentages, and selecting the appropriate coffin for our loved one.

Not to mention that families must make sure all these are done on time and the funeral is what the deceased wanted…

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the funeral's tight timeline, most families spend far more than anticipated. The hidden fees and markups in this industry are commonplace…

After all, death isn't something that happens in the family frequently. How much do we really know about the funeral process and religious practice?

Be it for Buddhists, Taoists or free-thinker; we believe that families can have a complete funeral of the deceased’s choice while remaining affordable.

With more than 20 years of experience at Unity Casket, we have successfully helped hundreds of families seek solace by knowing that they've done their part in creating a final gift for the deceased without the hefty price tag or multiple delays from start to finish.

You’ll see how we could be the right fit for you.

Hear from our lovely clients that we’ve helped

Let Unity Casket assist you and your loved ones final journey

We'll be there for you, from start to finish

At Unity Casket, we're here to help you make sure the deceased's wishes are carried out with proper planning.

We'll take care of everything, from setting up tentages, tables and chairs, emblements, coffin selection, all the way to 49/100day chanting or praying services.

These includes liaising with government bodies and officials to make sure the entire process runs smoothly while keeping the deceased's wishes in mind.

Due to transparency purposes, we do not collect payment on behalf of any government bodies. 

Example: Liaising with NEA for you, and ensure all the paperworks required are there. However, you will have to make the payment yourself instead of us collecting for you.

More than 20 years of experience in the funeral industry

It's no secret that there are lots of rules and processes when it comes to funeral planning. Not to mention the amount of choices that one has to make.

This is especially important if we want to stick to our initial budget. Here are some of the common question families have:

  • How should the budget be allocated?
  • Which is more significant? Creating merits for deceased or spending more money on the "Aesthetic aspect" of  the funeral?
  • The type of coffins and how will it affect the ashes?

Rest assured, our staff will walk you through the entire process and answer all your questions first before making any decision. This enables families to be savvier and spend for the funeral more appropriately.

Service and Family Oriented

It's normal for families to be unaware of certain religious practices or what is ideal to ensure the deceased's smooth passing.

This is why we always ensure that our staffs are stationed at the funeral from xx to xx to answer all relevant queries and assist families if possible.

Our staffs are all trained by Master Nam Sheng Yang, with over 40 years of experience in practicing Taoism, to give qualified advice on what to do/not to do.

Physical office–No outsource and middleman fee

The common problem in the industry is freelance funeral operators (one man show) that sources for all cheapest options available while marking up the price to earn a profit from the deceased family.

As Unity Casket is a full cost funeral company - this means that there are minimal outsourcing. We'll do most of the task in-house so that you can get the best savings

At the same time, having an in-house team gives us the control to set up and do things on time. We also have a physical store where families can come down to choose a suitable coffin for their loved one.

Not to worry, we'll strongly encourage you to give us a call so that the package is customized according to what you and the deceased wish.

More appreciation from the families that we’ve helped

Some of the funeral or burial that we’ve done

Buddhist Funeral

Taoist Funeral

Sea burial

Christian Funeral

You’ve probably heard about freelance funeral operator or planner. What’s the difference?

Perhaps you’ve heard, or receive recommendation from family and friends on freelance funeral operator or planning.

While they recommended them out of goodwill, here's what you have to understand:

For freelance funeral operator, their primary source of revenue is to get the cheapest quotes and do mark up accordingly in order to earn middle man profits. (This adds up to few thousands potentially!)

What's more, they're unable to control the quality considering that these outsource providers simply do their job and leave without any accountability.

The last thing we want is messy funeral planning that result in multiple delays.

And no, we’re not saying that all freelance funeral operators are like this.

But if you're looking for a professional, in-house team with track records of assisting families with funeral planning – from start to finish without any hassle, hiccup, or mark up. You already know how Unity Casket can help.

About Us

Unity Casket is a funeral service provider that has been in business for over 20 years. The industry's common sentiments of no transparency, outrageous markups, and dishonesty are commonplace.

And we’re here to change the status quo. Being in this industry allows us to serve variety of families with different budget and requirements. Our mission is simple: To assist every families we can to seek solace through a smooth funeral process at a affordable price.

About Us

Unity Casket is a funeral service provider that has been in business for over 20 years. The industry's common sentiments of no transparency, outrageous markups, and dishonesty are commonplace.

And we’re here to change the status quo. Being in this industry allows us to serve a variety of families with different budgets and requirements. Our mission is simple: To assist every family we can in seeking solace through a smooth funeral process at an affordable price.


What if my siblings do not want to contribute to any funeral related cost?

We're sorry to hear that; however, we are aware that you can inform xxx, where they will have a CPF claimable fee of up to 6k for the deceased funeral before the distribution of assets. (take note, only claimable for benefictory)

How much does a funeral cost?

Funeral typically starts from $3000, depending on the type of casket selected and the service required. If you have a budget in mind or budget constraints, please feel free to contact us and see how we can assist you.

What should I do when death occurs

One should immediately try to obtain the certificate of death from their doctor, there are factors involved to consider. We would strongly encourage you to contact us at our 24/7 hotline, +65x, to give you the best advice based on a couple of factors.

Do you have a physical shop?

Yes we do, usually after helping our clients, they’ll come down to choose the casket based on their budget.

Can your team help after the funeral?

Typically, we do follow up with our clients for any queries related to one’s passing. We also give advice on the 49/100days after the funeral and recommend chanting services based on their own budget. During the chanting, our team will assist with any queries or challenges that you might have and give the best solution based on your situation.

What funeral should I do for the deceased?

Our recommendation is always to discuss with the family members first before making any decision. Buttypically, most funerals are based on the deceased belief and religious value instead of families.

Losing someone we love is already hard enough, this is probably the final gift we can provide for all the memories they’ve given us.

It's easy to see why Unity Casket can help make the funeral process seamless for you – we'll assist with everything from start to finish while ensuring that it's within your budget.

We would strongly encourage you to sign up for the consultation, where our director will advise you on the funeral process accordingly.

However, if it's urgent and requires immediate attention, please do not hesitate to call us @ +65 6653 7529