Promoting a brand new product/business

we recommend that you DIY the campaign for the following reasons

New Product issues

When marketing a new product; If the campaign fails to generate any ROI(which is highly likely), you do not know if it is due to incompetence of the marketing agency or the lack of product/market fit(.i.e. there is no proven demand in the market). When running campaigns, we want to reduce the variables that may cause its failure; hence we go for proven products, preferably the core product of the company.

New Business issues

For any new business(< 1 year old, <200k revenue/year), the operations may not be robust enough to support the marketing initiative. For example, the sales team may not be well equipped to close deals consistently, or worse, they lack the bandwidth to handle the leads. It results in wastage of budget and having to put a stop to a campaign with momentum. Typically, you can start looking at external marketing help to ramp up yourcustomers pipeline when your company is ready to scale


If you have run campaigns before, you have valuable data at your disposal, especially vital metrics such as Cost per lead, Cost per customer, Conversion/Closing rate and Customer lifetime value. With that, you can gauge the performance of a marketing agency by seeing whether it is higher or lower than your historical numbers.This way, you also knowexactly how much you can spend on marketing for your business to achieve profitable growth

Here are some resources for you

Watch videos

Watch the free videos in Ice Cube Youtube channel and learn more about everything fromrunning a digital marketing campaign,finding the right USP to choosing the right strategy. There’s even arecorded webinar we ran with Facebook itself.

Read a book

Read our marketing ebookfor a fullintroduction todigitalmarketing.From creating moretrust online to getting higher quality leads, the answer can be found in this 40-page report.

Read industry blogs

Go to industry blogs suchasWordstreamandNeilpatel.comto understand moreabout digital marketing. Do note thatthese blogs contain a mountain of powerful marketing insights butmost are written in the context of USA, so be sure to make tweaks accordingly for your local strategy

What's next?

Done with the resources? If you would still like us to assess if your business might be a fit for our services. feel free to fill in the form in this page.

If you would like to find out more about our unique methodology, watch this free webinar on direct response marketing