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    It's no secret that replacing a new blind or curtain can be a tedious, and time-consuming process for us.

    Sure, we can do it ourselves to browse through designs online, make our own measurements, drilling and even installation. All these could take up to more than 2 days of work.

    When we're done with all the installation ourselves, we immediately noticed that the blind/curtain is slightly slanted... or worst, it does not compliment well with our current interior furnishing!

    Fortunately, this shouldn't be the case.

    What if you could feel the material and see the colour options in the comfort of your own home, all while enjoying a hassle-free installation at affordable price... without sacrificing on quality or dealing with unexpected surprise?

    Simply put, at SL Curtain, we'll handle all the major and minor details most overlooked... from start to finish.

    Why SL Curtain

    Trained expert to advise you over 100’s of curtains or blinds to choose from

    Which one suits my current design? Should I go with curtain or blind? How is the maintenance like for each of them?

    To ensure our customers make the right decision, our professional experts will provide you with an unbiased opinion and recommendation - including colour options and types of blinds/curtains!

    Affordable, While Ensuring Quality

    Most of our curtains or blinds are directly manufactured in Malaysia, from our factories with in-house worker.

    This gives us the ability to ensure that each piece is of high quality and free of defects before sending it to Singapore and our customers.

    Furthermore, there are no middleman fees or markups. This means we can offer you the most savings while still ensuring the highest quality of product!

    Professional Installation Service and Process

    No, you don't have to worry about improper measurements before any drilling or making a mess post installation.

    SL Curtain's installer has an average 7 years of experience. They've been thoroughly trained and must follow our standard operating procedures.

    From making accurate measurement prior to drilling, cleaning up your space after installation to providing maintenance advice for different types of blinds and curtain.

    Rest assured, it’ll be a smooth process from start to finish.

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    Here’s our guarantee:

    The current lead time in the market will take around 3 weeks to 1 month before installation. At SL Curtain, we strive to deliver and install your products within 2 weeks.

    In fact, we're so confident about this... 

    We're going to make you this promise:

    If we're unable to fulfill our "2-weeks installation" promise...

    We'll minus off an additional 10% off the final invoice so that you can enjoy more savings! No question asked. 

    terms and conditions apply*

    Who we work with

    New Home Owner

    Just gotten your keys to your new home?

    You're probably excited, and want to be involved in the renovation process like sourcing different floorings, or curtains and blinds!

    Most of the time, if done correctly, this can result in significant savings for the newlyweds! And we're committed to assist new homeowners who want to look into different curtain, or blinds options.

    We'll also give you our honest opinion and suggestion based on our experience working with thousands of homeowner like you! 

    Existing Home Owner

    Find your window's shade reaching it's lifespan limit? Or you simply want to upgrade the overall looks and feels of your home?

    At SL Curtain, we also assist homeowner with their existing design styles, and give practical suggestion on the different design and types of blinds while being affordable.

    In fact, why not get an quotation first to have an estimated price before making any decision like choosing the right materials and colour choices?

    our process

    Receive Estimated Quote

    Onsite Measurement and Design Advise 

    50% Deposit, 2 weeks lead time

    Internal Defects Check Before Installation

    Schedule for installation date

    Professional Installation done and 1 year warranty!

    More reason to choose us

    Physical Showroom

    It's not uncommon for some businesses to have no physical store, or showroom. They sell blinds and curtain at a higher markup without quality control processes or after sales service.

    Rest assured, SL Curtain has 2 showroom in Singapore where our customers can come down to see and feel the product for themselves.

    Free on-site measurement if requested

    No, you don’t have to pay an “initial deposit” in order for our team to come down and do a proper onsite measurements.

    We take pride in educating our customers and providing them with the opportunity to make an informed decisions before making any purchase decision.

    Most importantly, we believe that our product, expertise and experience will speak for themselves during the initial quotation, or on-site measurement.

    1-year warranty

    Once installation is completed. Our customers are entitled to a one-year warranty on our curtains or blinds.

    What happens if a mechanism fails or there are some minor issues with your blinds/curtains? Please feel free to contact our team for assistance in resolving the issue.

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    SL Curtain has been in Singapore since 2018, and our founder has 16 years of experience in the window industry. We take pride in providing high-quality curtains and blinds that are affordable to all.

    With our vast experience of having factories in Malaysia, and close relationship with other vendor–this allow us to make our own products or have the economy of scales to get products at the cheaper rate at no middle man mark up, bringing our customers more savings

    What we’ve noticed is the lead time post payment which takes about 3 weeks or even months to get their curtains or blinds installed. This shouldn’t be the case.

    We challenge ourselves to bring and install the products for you within 2 weeks so that customer can get their product at a faster rate–if not 10% off your entire order!

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    How long is the warranty?

    All our products are entitled to 1 year system and mechanism warranty. In any event of faulty issues, simply inform our team and we’ll come down.

    Do you recommend blind or curtain?

    This depends, but blinds provide more flexibility in terms of maintenance. However, if you need to sleep with the room dark, a curtain may be a better option for your room to achieve the full blackout effect.

    There are also other consideration such as maintenance and cleaning up – if you’re someone who prefer simple and easy maintenance, we would also advise on blinds as you can just clean up with wet cloth, or portable vacuum!

    Is the curtain clean before installation?

    Yes, once our team in Singapore receives your curtain, we will inspect it for defects before bringing it to be washed.

    After that, we'll perform another round of checks before delivering to your home and beginning the installation process!

    Do you do any design customization for Blind or Curtain?

    Yes, we also offer customization! But keep in mind that not everything can be customized. We strongly advise you to sign up for the quotation and have all of your questions answered by our team to see if it is possible to bring your design or idea to life.

    I'm not sure what colour, or fabric will be suitable for my home. Can you advise?

    Sure! Typically, after you submit the quotation, we will check in with you to discuss more aspects of your currents home’s design, such as the color of your walls and the color of your furnishings, and advise you accordingly.

    Are you the cheapest?

    While we cannot claim to be the cheapest, we are currently priced competitively in the market.

    You're probably already looking for quotes from other vendors, so why not get one from us as well so you can compare?

    But most importantly, if you're looking for a reputable company to help you with good after serivce and product quality. You might want to see how we can help you.

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    But you don't have to make any major decision just yet. After all, you haven't had a chance to feel the quality of our product or see the different colours.

    Simply submit the form and claim your non-obligatory quote where you can:

    • Get Estimated quote
    • Entitled to our 2 weeks lead time guarantee
    • See between the types of blinds, and the colour choices
    • Know the maintenance difference and which is suitable for you

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