Looking for a pair of quality shoes that is aesthetically pleasing without compromising on comfort and foot pain? Try this instead.

You’ll probably agree with me that a nice pair of shoes make us feel confident, helps with our overall dressing and leave positive impression to our colleague and superior!

But other than the design, factors such as the material and fitting and comfort are important in choosing the right shoes.

For most of us, we might have experience feet ache or pain as mass produce shoe does not suit us. We could have wider or narrower feet that does not compliment with the shoe shape. 

It’s not our fault that we could not find shoes that checks all the boxes we’re looking for. Mass produced manufacturer use generic foot shapes to create shoes for the mass.

On top of that, they also use synthetic leather because it’s cheaper. It also promotes feet perspiration due to its poor breathability. At times we don’t even dare to take off our shoes... The material will also crack and dry up after extended usage.

This shouldn’t be the case.

This is why lots of men are looking into custom made to order shoes. If you’re thinking of a pair of shoes that can be customized to your fit, comfort and style without any aches and pain. ShoeArtistry might come close to doing that.

A shoe that fits your taste, design and style

“A custom made shoe is a way for you to express your taste, design and style while ensuring a good function and fit"

Here’s our made-to-order shoes collection:





Want additional Customisation?

Considering other colour options out of our selection range like navy-blue? Like the idea of having bows tie on your loafers? Or perhaps you want to have a mix of vegetable tanned leather and suede?

It’s possible. Here at ShoeArtistry, we are open to any minor customization change! Depending on the complexity of the design, there might be a tiny surcharge. But rest assured, if you have any design preference in mind for your made-to-order shoes, feel free to let us know.

We will even explore and give you our recommendation as well!

All our Made to Order shoes starts fromSGD$430 per pair, and will take 3 weeks to be custom made. They also come with a shoe box, dust bag and shoe horn.

We also partnered up with Hoolah to provide a3 months0%instalment for all our made to order shoes

100% Hand Made With Quality Material

Quality Craftsmanship

In Shoe Artistry, all your shoes will be handmade b your In-house Shoe Maker with over 40 years of hands on experience in Hong Kong—putting in the time, effort and attention to detail to craft out a shoe that is customized to your style and comfort.

Hand Stitched Blake Construction

Most mass produced shoes use cementing construction as it’s a cheap and easy way to construct a shoe. However, it takes away the quality—the glue gets disintegrate easily and you can’t resole your shoes.

ShoeArtistry takes pride in producing quality made-to-order products. Which is why all our shoes are finished with hand stitched blake construction. This is not only lightweight, but it’s also more durable due to the tedious stitching process

100% Vegetable Tanned Leather

Do you know that Vegetable Tanned Leather only makes up of 10% of all leather available today? The tanning process takes up at least 20 times longer to make compared to synthetic leather. Not only that, its tanning method and processes can only be executed by skilled and experienced craftsman.

Even so, we still insist on using vegetable tanned leather because of its superior quality. it last longer as compared to synthetic leather and does not crack or dry out as well.

If you’re someone who like the rugged look or value sentimental design, here’s the good news: The longer you wear the shoes, the more it will develop it’s patina and characteristic!

Hear what all our happy customer are saying

Why ShoeArtistry

Foot Health Matters

Find yourself having achey feet and pain after wearing your shoe for a short while?
Or perhaps you already have existing issues such as:

Flat or overarch feet

Plantar Fasciitis

Unusual shaped feet



Heel pain

Chances are, your foot might be misaligned, and have pronated or supinated foot as shown above. This could be due to our genetics, walking habit, previous injury and wearing the incorrect footwear.

It might seem trivial at first with the consistent aching... but overtime it will lead to chronic pain on our ankle, knees, hips and even lower back.

It’s not uncommon for people to go for physiotherapist and corrective surgery to ease the pain of misalignment feet.

This is why ShoeArtistry has partnered up with Phits 3D insoles. This ensures that our customer can have customized insoles that are specifically catered to individual with their unique feet’s health, and to provide comfort and corrective measures of their walking.

Phits3D insoles are not only FDA approved, but is powered by HP technology to measure your feet through scientific studies and Gait analysis, used by thousands of physio the rapists around the world.

Here’s how Phits3D insoles can help you with your current issues:

Step 1: Footscan

The foot scan powered by HP technologies allows us to identify any high pressure areas under your foot, which may be causing pain.

Step 2: Gait Analysis

By walking on our gait footpad, it allows us to see how your foot is functioning as you walk through measuring plantar pressure and how your feet distributes its weight to the surface area.

To make it more accurate, we will be measuring gait analysis standing, walking and even squatting.

Step 3: Design

Through our footscan and gait analysis, the results will be integrated into our software which formulates a plan to correct your current feet issues.

Take note that the insoles are not only for prevention, but correction as well.

Step 4: Create Phits 3D insole

We will then proceed to make a customized insole Using selective Laser Sintering—producing a strong piece of ultra light insoles that is made to measure via our analysis to ensure that the insoles is specifically catered correct or stop your current aches and pain.

About ShoeArtistry

ShoeArtistry was founded in 2012 with the mission to revive a 40 year old handmade leather shoe label in Hong Kong to preserve the dying trade of shoe making.

10 years ago, founder Jeff and Kit walked into a bespoke handmade leather shoe shop. The owner wanted to close down the business as the rent being increased by 3 folds. Within a day of discussions, Jeff and Kit left their corporate jobs and took over the business, including re-hiring shoemakers. The entire business model was reinvented and given a new identity.

Jeff and Kit notice that the even though style is important, the health aspect of a beautiful dress shoe was often neglected. They knew that most spend most of their time wearing a dress shoe when they’re working. They integrated3D Phits insole so that consumer can wear a high quality pair of customized shoe with the perfect comfort and fit. Since then, the combination of heritage, craftsmanship and technology has been a success.


Is there any warranty for the Made-To-Order shoes?

Yes, we are offering a 14 days warranty for the construction of our shoe. It is non-inclusive for wear and tear related issues.

I have really wide feet/adnormal foot shape. Can the MTO shoes fit me?

Some of our customers are unable to purchase a shoe off the shelves as they’ve wide foot. Since we can make minor measurements adjustment to the shoes, we would encourage you to come down for the non obligatory consultation and try the fittings for yourself before making any decision.

What’s the difference between made-to-order and off the shelves shoes?

Mass-produced shoes or off the shelves shoe are created through a generic foot shape by compiling different foot types and shapes. While this might be convenient for manufacturer to mass produce, it misses the mark of comfort as every individual are different in our foot shapes, most of us also have different sizes in our left and right feet which isn’t accounted for.

With custom made to order shoes, you’re able to get your sizes and feet measured to create a shoe that fits you perfectly without neglecting on the shoe design as well.

I have abnormal foot shape, can you advise?

A lot of our customers actually have abnormal foot shape. We would encourage you to come down for our free consultation to really analyze to see if it’s possible for us to help; you are also entitled to a free foot scan and gait analysis with customized PDF report. Simply fill up the form and let our team contact you.

 I have foot perspiration, can shoe artistry shoe solve this issue?

It’s normal for us to perspire on our feet, depending on the types of material that you’re currently using for your shoes. If the material is synthetic leather, it does not offer the breathability like premium vegetable tanned leathers. If you’re looking for highly breathable shoes without compromising on quality and feet health, we strongly recommend you to fill up the form and come for our free consultation.

Sweaty feet are preventable. They usually result from improper, synthetic footwear, and can quickly lead to athlete's foot. Synthetic leather is not breathable. In fact, it actually makes your feet sweat more. Unlike genuine leather, it promotes breathability inside the shoe.

“A pair of high quality shoes is worth the investment, lasting for 5,10 or even 15 years it could possibly last a lifetime if you take good care of it”

By now you can see how ShoeArtistry can create a shoe that fits your style without compromising on the wellness aspect of your feet.

The most expensive investment is the one that you bought, but the one that keep giving you the same feet ache and pain over and over again.

But don’t take our word for it, come down for a free, non-obiligatory consultation yourself to see if our custom made shoes is right for you.

Here’s what you can expect when you come down for the free consultation:

Gait Analysis foot scan to understand better about your current feet issues

Free PDF of the gait analysis report

Get customized recommendation on the types of shoes, colour and design you can choose from

Feel the shoes and material for yourself before making any decision

    All information is held in the strictest confidence in accordance with our privacy policy