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About SGMP

In 2016, SGMP was founded by Mr Clifford Ng, also our trainer, who has over 30 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry, acquiring valuable skillsets in producing, directing, radio presenting, news anchoring, live TV coverage, editorial & more.

Specializing in film production management training courses, SGMP has coached more than 300 participants to date.

“Our mission is to uplift our media integrity & social responsibilities; that’s why we are here”, said Clifford.

SGMP PTE LTD is an ATO (APPROVEDTRAINING ORGANIZATION) by the Singapore Skills future (SSG) in funding all declared Singapore SMEs, Singaporeans & PRs for upgrading skills in the related businesses, particularly for the media industry.

Some of the highlights of Clifford’s large-scale productions include Star Search, Countdown to National Day, “Sing Singapore”, New Year’s Eve Special &“Singapore TV Broadcasting Anniversary Jubilee Shows”.

Clifford also directed & produced creative audio-visual commercials such as Carven, Samsung Smartphone &numerous current affairs programs, chat shows &sitcoms in Taiwan, before he hosted his own radio series “bRo” in Guangdong Province in 2007.

Don’t Take Our Words For It, Hear From Our Participants Instead

Learned to structure a story logically

By learning how to write a screenplay, I have opportunities to help in areas such as story boarding & scripting. Through Dan Harmon’s 8-step story circle, I have learnt to develop & structure the story logically. It was an interesting & enjoyable experience as we did practical exercises for it.

Yang En Loh

Taught me how to formulate a script

The topic that interests me the most is Story & Script Development. In that module that I went through, script writing is about how we formulate the Script. One thing that I learned from the module that is most interesting tome is Dan Harmon 8 steps story circle. Where how it was used to build Character Arc & it makes character progress to each stage of the story.

KC Chen

Understanding the Dos & Don’ts relating to scripting

We learnt about script break down & eventually moving it to the call sheets, that is very important for a lot of productions because it allows the producer to better manage & plan the shoot.

Jared Ti

Acquired story development & film adaptation knowledge

Kelvin & Jo

"Tapped my creativity & breaking down a Hollywood script"

A SASI participant


Learn From The Legendary Master

You can reduce your learning curve significantly & quickly by leveraging Mr Clifford Ng’s diverse experience, who has been doing production since 1994, in both broadcasting & film industry systems.

As a former Executive Producer for Mediacorp (then TCS), he directed & produced TV commercials for renowned brands (Samsung, Carven etc.) & corporate videos, including national programs such as Star Search, “Sing Singapore”, & many more.

His in-depth knowledge across roles & functions within the media industry & achievements qualified him to take you in the right direction as far as media is concerned.

Access To Proven Methods

This is not just a typical class where groundless & textbook theories are thrown to the learners. In fact, Mr Clifford Ng will impart effective scripting & story development methods that he has used to run successful productions for multiple major corporate projects & national programs: from Singapore TV Broadcasting Anniversary Jubilee Shows to Star Search, just to name a few.

Unlock Gateways To Career & Opportunities

You may ask upon completing the 6-day course, “what’s next?”. Mr Clifford Ng has meticulously designed & developed all his courses with the end goal in mind; that is, how can his imparted knowledge & skill sets be maximally utilized.

As part of SGMP’s goal of bridging the media- related skills gap in Singapore & also offering their participants opportunities, SGMP connects competent individuals & potential candidates with a keen interest in media-related work to our hiring partners.

SKMP’s hiring partners include home-grown production companies such as Lightsonic Media, all looking to hire new & experienced individuals who are equipped with the know-how of the media
industry. Also, 1-on-1 mentoring session with Clifford is made available for those aspiring to embark on a career in the media industry with the relevant skills to succeed.

Receive Holistic Training

SGMP is a comprehensive media academy offering its participants a diverse spectrum of courses. Learning across faculties & functions is highly valued & practised within the media industry, with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledgebase & transferable skills such as Directing & Producing, Production Planning & Scheduling, Location Scouting, Camera Operations, Sound Mixing & many more.

This holistic approach to teaching film making in SGMP has empowered individuals from all walks of life to extensively reach out to their audiences, including vloggers or lifestyle influencers who want to explore videography via mobile phones  &filmmakers or social media content creators who desire to leverage short films to boost their online viewership.

Get WSQ Certification

This is a course certified in WSQ that is recognized by employers of Singapore as this qualification is developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. 

Upon completion of this course, it helps our participants in the following ways: Plan career path & acquire new skills to enter a new sector or job role. Upgrade skills & advance career. Achieve qualifications & certifications that demonstrate skills sets to employers. Not to mention, it’s heavily subsidized by government for up to 70% & 100% claimable with SkillsFuture credits for the remaining fee.

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