Finally, A Former MediaCorp Executive Producer Made A Comeback & Revealed The Dos’ & Don’ts Of Video Storytelling...

In this WSQ course, learn to supercharge your social media presence through short films: where you learn how to write scripts, develop stories & create characters that your viewers will never forget.

A video revolution is taking place right now.

82% of the global internet traffic will be dominated by videos in 2022, as reported by Cisco.

The ability to write a script & turning it into a brilliant video has never been more rewarding than before.

27-year-old Logan Paul from Ohio, earning over $11 million yearly on Youtube, is one perfect example. So are Nas Daily & homegrown Youtubers such as JianHao Tan, Wah! Banana & Night Owl Cinematics.

What makes it more enticing about this video dominating trend is that the barriers to entry are low.

You see, these days, beautiful storytelling trumps video production value. When creating an engaging video, the camera you use is less important than what story you convey with it.

Google research reveals that when people choose what to watch, story relevance is 1.6x more important than whether the video has high production quality.

In other words, as long you know how to craft a good script to convey a story, something as simple as a phone can empower ANYONE to make it into films to make money & achieve massive successes!

But don’t take our words for it; just look at the numerous people, regardless of their age, who have grown their social media accounts like Youtube & Instagram, with just a phone & a few simple apps.

That said, video & films aren’t just for those who desire to influence. It serves practical purposes too.

If you can recall the “S-Hook” lady from 3 years ago? These days, thanks to Facebook’s “live” feature, she got to leverage videos to grow her business more than tenfold ever since.

What about Property Lim Brothers – the most successful duo in the real estate, who utilize videos to promote their properties on Youtube & Instagram, enabling them to consistently rake in record-breaking earnings & volume of property sale transactions within a short period?

Not only that, even the hawkers at our local Tekka Market are jumping on the bandwagon of using videos to sell their poultry!

Given all these possibilities of what a good script can lead to, it’s no surprise that video storytelling sits among the most sought skills in the media & entertainment industry.


This is the whole purpose of SGMP: to teach you in just 6 days on how to create the backbone of a film through scripting, story & character development, & offering you the pathways to turning it into an actual film that can potentially go viral!

Benefits Of This Course

Enhance Your Storytelling

This course can significantly improve your overall skills in storytelling. Whether learning how to write clear & concise action lines or learning to create more relatable & compelling characters, you’ll notice a great improvement in your storytelling abilities.

Receive A Head Start In Videography

Equipping yourself with the ability to write an excellent story script gives you an edge over others who can’t do the same. You see, having a good script at the start means that you’re more likely to produce a great video that can hook your viewers & keep them emotionally engaged.

Spend Less Time Filming

When you focus on writing a script before producing your videos, you’ll be able to create the scene ahead of time. If you simply “wing it” during your filming, your production team may need to spend more time re-shooting scenes to find the best way to make the scene work.

Gain More New Followers

People love to watch short films because there’s a beauty in being able to tell a story in a short amount of time. Also, short film seems perfectly tailor-made for our quick & fast-paced digital era. Your ability to produce a good script & turning it into a short film empowers you to target this additional group of people–adding to your current list of followers.

Increased Viral Potential

Director of SHAZAM! shared how he got his start in the business. His career exploded when a 2-minute short film went viral on Youtube. This attracted the attention of Hollywood & opened up the door for 4 major studio featured films. Your video-scripting skill serves as a key to unlock this possibility.

Access To An Additional Stream Of Income

The market for scriptwriting has never been stronger. You won’t be just restricted to writing for your screen plays. Other kinds of scripts, ranging from grant applications & commercial texts to corporate promos, are just some examples that you can make money from. This course offers a solid foundation to access these numerous possibilities within the media industry.


Learn From The Legendary Master

You can reduce your learning curve significantly & quickly by leveraging Mr Clifford Ng’s diverse experience, who has been doing production since 1994, in both broadcasting & film industry systems.

As a former Executive Producer for Mediacorp (then TCS), he directed & produced TV commercials for renowned brands (Samsung, Carven etc.) & corporate videos, including national programs such as Star Search, “Sing Singapore”, & many more.

His in-depth knowledge across roles & functions within the media industry & achievements qualified him to take you in the right direction as far as media is concerned.

Access To Proven Methods

This is not just a typical class where groundless & textbook theories are thrown to the learners. In fact, Mr Clifford Ng will impart effective scripting & story development methods that he has used to run successful productions for multiple major corporate projects & national programs: from Singapore TV Broadcasting Anniversary Jubilee Shows to Star Search, just to name a few.

Unlock Gateways To Career & Opportunities

You may ask upon completing the 6-day course, “what’s next?”. Mr Clifford Ng has meticulously designed & developed all his courses with the end goal in mind; that is, how can his imparted knowledge & skill sets be maximally utilized.

As part of SGMP’s goal of bridging the media- related skills gap in Singapore & also offering their participants opportunities, SGMP connects competent individuals & potential candidates with a keen interest in media-related work with our hiring partners.

SGMP’s hiring partners include home-grown production companies such as Lightsonic Media, all looking to hire new & experienced individuals who are equipped with the know-how of the media industry. Also, 1-on-1 mentoring session with Clifford is made available for those aspiring to embark on a career in the media industry with the relevant skills to succeed.

Receive Holistic Training

SGMP is a comprehensive media academy offering its participants a diverse spectrum of courses. Learning across faculties & functions is highly valued & practised within the media industry, with other cross-disciplinary initiatives available for a well-rounded knowledgebase & transferable skills such as Directing & Producing, Production Planning & Scheduling, Location Scouting, Camera Operations, Sound Mixing & many more.

This holistic approach to teaching film making in SGMP has empowered individuals from all walks of life to extensively reach out to their audiences, including vloggers or lifestyle influencers who want to explore videography via mobile phones  & filmmakers or social media content creators who desire to leverage short films to boost their online viewership.

Get WSQ Certification

This is a course certified in WSQ that is recognized by employers of Singapore as this qualification is developed by the Singapore Workforce Development Agency. 

Upon completion of this course, it helps our participants in the following ways: Plan career path & acquire new skills to enter a new sector or job role. Upgrade skills & advance career. Achieve qualifications & certifications that demonstrate skills sets to employers. Not to mention, it’s heavily subsidized by government for up to 70% & 100% claimable with SkillsFuture credits for the remaining fee.

Media Releases

Extracted from Shin Min Daily News: Mr Clifford Ng was invited to write articles weekly with the theme: “My TV Career Road - Those Years were Warring States” in a local newspaper column, where he revealed about his past encounters with mega-celebrities, his past productions such as Star Search & what happened behind the scenes within the local media industry, from the era of black-and-white films to current modern-coloured days.

What's Next After SGMP?

SGMP believes in creating a ‘nurturing’ environment for its learners, offering them
multiple gateways to expose & excel their talent within the media industry.

We're talking about opportunities such as turning their script into an actual film or hiring them to work in our partnered production companies such as Lightsonic Media.

Not only that, all graduates of SGMP will be eligible to take part in the Script Writing (Short Film) Competition 2022-2023 & stand a chance to walk away with the following attractive prizes:

  • Golden Pen Award: $3000 & a “Golden Pen Trophy”
  • Silver Pen Award $1500 & a “Silver Pen Trophy”
  • Bronze Pen Award $1000 & a “Bronze Pen Trophy”.
  • "Angel-Pen Awards” $200 x 10 winners plus a Certificate of Participation.

Don’t Take Our Words For It, Hear From Our Participants Instead

Learned to structure a story logically

By learning how to write a screenplay, I have opportunities to help in areas such as story boarding & scripting. Through Dan Harmon’s 8-step story circle, I have learnt to develop & structure the story logically. It was an interesting & enjoyable experience as we did practical exercises for it.

Yang En Loh

Taught me how to formulate a script

The topic that interests me the most is Story & Script Development. In that module that I went through, script writing is about how we formulate the Script. One thing that I learned from the module that is most interesting tome is Dan Harmon 8 steps story circle. Where how it was used to build Character Arc & it makes character progress to each stage of the story.

KC Chen

Understanding the Dos & Don’ts relating to scripting

We learnt about script break down & eventually moving it to the call sheets, that is very important for a lot of productions because it allows the producer to better manage & plan the shoot.

Jared Ti

Acquired story development & film adaptation knowledge

Kelvin & Jo

"Tapped my creativity & breaking down a Hollywood script"

A SASI participant

4-Simple Step Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the 6-day course fee?

The course fee is $2000, but you’ll only be subjected to a net fee of $0-$1000 upon receiving a subsidy from Skills Future Singapore.

Who is eligible for this government subsidy?

Singaporean / PR-40 years old & above can enjoy a 70%subsidy of $1400.
Singaporean / PR-Below 40 years old can enjoy a 50% subsidy of $1000.

The remaining fees can be paid with Skillsfuture credit (100% claimable) as long you’re a Singaporean of at least 25 years old.

Absentee Allowance capped of $146 (32.5Hrs X $4.50) is applicable for SMEs.

Can you guide me on the steps to apply for the subsidy?

We’ve got you covered! You’ll simply need to provide us with the required information upon request & we’ll apply it on your behalf.

I’m interested, but I’d still require financial assistance. Is there any?

We have a 3-month interest-free (0%) instalment plan to assist you.

To sum up, what is this entire course all about?

This 6-day intensive course will take you through a structured learning journey, from screen writing to concept mastery & case analysis to hands-on exercises, aiming to equip you with the creative skills needed to produce your audio-visual masterpiece across various digital platforms.

Who is suitable for taking up this course?

Regardless of your age, occupation & target audience, as long you're passionate about conveying a story on any platform to anyone, SGMP will impart you the necessary knowledge & skill sets to do that.

When & what is the duration of this course?

It'll be a 6-day course held during the weekends, from 10am–7pm per day with the following schedules:

1st intake: (Sat & Sun)
3rd & 4th Sep 2022
10th & 11th Sep 2022
17th & 18th Sep 2022

2nd intake: (Sat & Sun)
24th & 25th Sep 2022
1st & 2nd Oct 2022
8th & 9th Oct 2022

3rd intake: (Sat & Sun)
15th & 16th Oct 2022
23rd & 24th Oct 2022
29th & 30th Oct 2022

About SGMP

In 2016, SGMP was founded by Mr Clifford Ng, also our trainer, who has over 30 years of experience in the media & entertainment industry, acquiring valuable skillsets in producing, directing, radio presenting, news anchoring, live TV coverage, editorial & more.

Specializing in film production management training courses, SGMP has coached more than 300 participants to date.

“Our mission is to uplift our media integrity & social responsibilities; that’s why we are here”, said Clifford.

SGMP PTE LTD is an ATO (APPROVEDTRAINING ORGANIZATION) by the Singapore Skills future (SSG) in funding all declared Singapore SMEs, Singaporeans & PRs for upgrading skills in the related businesses, particularly for the media industry.

Some of the highlights of Clifford’s large-scale productions include Star Search, Countdown to National Day, “Sing Singapore”, New Year’s Eve Special &“Singapore TV Broadcasting Anniversary Jubilee Shows”.

Clifford also directed & produced creative audio-visual commercials such as Carven, Samsung Smartphone &numerous current affairs programs, chat shows &sitcoms in Taiwan, before he hosted his own radio series “bRo” in Guangdong Province in 2007.

Knowing How To Write An Effective Script Is Your Biggest Asset Within The Media Industry.

Now it’s clearer to see why & how SGMP can propel you towards your dreams of media stardom in both the film industry & online social media world.

Producing scripts that are dull, illogical & lacked continuity shall be a thing of the past with Mr Clifford Ng’s “Think Simple, Think Logic” approach as a framework in guiding you throughout the 6-day course.

Simply sign up below for a complimentary personalized info session to receive the following information:

  • Confirmation of availability & your subsidy eligibility
  • More in-depth details about the course
  • What you can expect during your learning at SGMP
  • What’s next after your course completion from SGMP

SGMP's 6-Day Course


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