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We’ve designed homes with integrated smart solutions such as:

Carpentry works incorporating hidden buttons in the furniture that leads to your secret007 hideout. Yes, we create secret rooms too.

Redesigning a smart mirror in your toilet that plays music and videos. It also tells you the weather and shows you an in-depth skin analysis!

Turning on the nightlight through a motion sensor to aid ingoing to the toilet safely at night without disturbing sleeping family members.

Integrating wireless switches on the wheelchair to give Grandma the convenience to turn on/off lights from anywhere.

Here's a video for your reference:



“I like the door clicker the most because when you leave it is one button, you can switch off everything and you don’t have to worry about it. Also, the door clicker you can put it at your eye level. Sometimes we come back home in the evening, the moment you enter the house, the moment you open the door the lights and fans are automatically switched on.”


“I like the 2-way switch, it makes a dumb light smart. Door clicker quite convenient. Let say we are going out, you just off, when you are coming in, you can easily on back. Smart home bring more convenience for example one of the nights my mother ask me to off all the lights, I just google and off everything from the kitchen, and also brings more music. Just on Spotify during lunch.”

Everything seems to be quite proper, your team is quite professional, he did trial and error, of course along the way there are some difficulty, but he manages to get it working. For example, the lights to change to a warm light. Moving forward we will probably get used to it.”

Dennis Tan


“Well it always good to have things in control when you are not in the house, so we can like use the phone? Switch off things like when we forgot something, we don’t have to keep worrying about having the electricity bill running.

I like the lights to turn on automatically at a certain time so that I do not have to come home to pitch dark house, I like to turn on the aircon without having to get up from my bed. And after work when we come home it won't be pitch dark, so at least there is some light.”

Ros Tay

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