Fancy A Home (Almost) Like Tony Stark's?

It’s Possible–Without Breaking the Bank

Your next layout proposal could be the smartest one yet.

You’ve probably already seen your friend’s new homes as well as Pinterest feeds and know the type of home and theme you want.

You would have also noticed many of these new homes are incorporating smart technology and voice commands, such as “turn the lights on/off”, “draw the curtains” and “switch on the air-con”.

Here at Quantum Smart Design, we’re always challenging ourselves to transform and revolutionize your homes. We want to focus not only on making your home aesthetically pleasing but also to elevate it to the next level by turning it into a fully integrated smart home. 

We’ve designed homes with integrated smart solutions such as:

Carpentry works incorporating hidden buttons in the furniture that leads to your secret 007 hideout. Yes, we create secret rooms too.

Redesigning a smart mirror in your toilet that plays music and videos. It also tells you the weather and shows you an in-depth skin analysis!

Turning on the nightlight through a motion sensor to aid ingoing to the toilet safely at night without disturbing sleeping family members.

Integrating wireless switches on the wheelchair to give Grandma the convenience to turn on/off lights from anywhere.

Here's a video for your reference:

You may be wondering: Will the smart home fit the design theme I have in mind?

Not to worry, this is the purpose of Quantum Smart Design, to incorporate our smart solutions to fit your preferred theme that also works seamlessly with your furniture and decorations.

How would you like to challenge us to design and build the craziest, smartest and appealing home that you’ll be excited to come back to every day? Or simply make your everyday life 80%more convenient? Whatever it is, we got it covered for you

Check Out Our 3D Illustrations


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Why Savvy Customers Prefer Us:

Seamless Integration and Customization

We’ll help you get that secret room you’ve always wanted since young.

From carpentry to furniture, we can integrate smart solutions to them, such as a voice command or automated smart toilet that turns on and off the lights and heater, or a secret button that reveals your hidden loft from the ceiling.


Nobody wants to redo renovation. We do it once, we do it right. We’ll plan the most suitable areas to install your smart solutions without you having to engage external solutions provider, saving you up to 30% of mark-up cost.

In addition, most of our smart solutions are wireless and require minimal to no re-wiring and construction, saving you more on installation/manpower cost.

Full Warranty

Like building our own home, we want to ensure the whole process is done efficiently and smoothly.

From the initial consultation to the renovation and smart solutions installation process to final handover, we make sure that we’re there with you all the way.

No Hidden Costs

It is our practice to layout everything before signing the contract, including cost for electrical re-wiring, walls hacking, doors painting etc. We make it a point to provide final pricing up front so there are no hidden costs or surprises along the way.

We will advise you only the essential smart solutions and IoT devices you require for your home during the consultation, but may recommend others to your liking.



“I like the door clicker the most because when you leave it is one button, you can switch off everything and you don’t have to worry about it. Also, the door clicker you can put it at your eye level. Sometimes we come back home in the evening, the moment you enter the house, the moment you open the door the lights and fans are automatically switched on.”


“I like the 2-way switch, it makes a dumb light smart. Door clicker quite convenient. Let say we are going out, you just off, when you are coming in, you can easily on back. Smart home bring more convenience. For example one of the nights my mother ask me to off all the lights, I just google and off everything from the kitchen, and also brings more music. Just on Spotify during lunch.”

Dennis Tan


“Well it always good to have things in control when you are not in the house, so we can like use the phone? Switch off things like when we forgot something, we don’t have to keep worrying about having the electricity bill running. I like the lights to turn on automatically at a certain time so that I do not have to come home to pitch dark house, I like to turn on the aircon without having to get up from my bed."

Ros Tay

What We Do

Interior Design Consulting







  • Initial Design Consultation

You’ll get an initial layout proposal of your home based on your preferred theme and decorations.

  • Smart Home Demonstration

Experience our smart home solutions in action and learn how they can be integrated into your new smart home!

  • Planning, Design & 3D Visualisation

Here, we’ll begin planning the actual layout post-consultation. A 3D render will be sent to you to give you a better visualisation of your home.

  • Finalisation of design layout

We’ll confirm the final design with you before passing it to our contractors to start work.

  • Renovation

The process that will take approximately 7-12 weeks(varies by type of premise). Everything is transparent; you’ll receive WhatsApp updates and pictures to view our progress and ensure we’re on the right track.

  • Carpentry & Installation

Just like putting Lego blocks together, the carpentry and smart solutions will be installed and fitted all within 1-2 days (varies by type of premise).

  • Proper Handover

We believe in maintaining only the highest quality standards and will do in-depth quality checks before ensuring a timely and proper handover to you

  • Smart & Stylish Home Completed!

Get ready to step into your new smart home!

Who We Are

Quantum Smart Design is an interior design Subsidiary backed by Quantum Leap Incorporated that specializes in smart solutions. With Quantum Leap’s strong security and engineering ecosystem, we can craft and ideate interior designs that are accompanied by smart capabilities that aim to improve your daily living needs.

We are also the only authorized reseller of LifeSmart products. We can integrate all forms of smart Internet of Things (IoT) devices through LifeSmart’s seamless connectivity and integration of multiple IoT brands into our self-built lag-free network to provide your family with a safe, comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

Our Accolades

Our Clients

Here are some questions to think in advance for a smooth consultation:

  • What design style(s) do you prefer/dislike?
  • Which colours do you like/dislike?
  • What patterns or themes (if any) do you like?
  • Do you have any inspirational images or mood board you can share?
  • What does your family do with this room? (eg. study/gaming/guest room)
  • Are there any furniture or décor items that you’re interested in?
  • Do you or your family have any special needs?
  • What are some of your hobbies or passion? (eg. travelling, painting, cooking, watching movies)
  • What is your budget?

We have always believed that building your home equates to building our own. In order to make the dream home come true, you’ll need someone who can truly understand your every need and is able to translate that into a fun, interactive yet stylish and functional home that you’ll want to return to.

That’s why we are offering a FREE consultation where you can:

Plan your dream home together with our experienced interior designers

Experience interactive hands-on demonstration & testing of the smart setups

Discover how you can save underlying costs such as re-wiring and heavy construction

Fill up the form below and our designers will follow up with you as soon as possible.

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    1. How do I know if my renovation is going smoothly?

    As experienced project managers, we keep an eye on the ongoing renovation and update you on the progress every 2-3 days. We set up a Whatsapp group with everyone involved and send updates of pictures and messages to ensure everything is on the right track.

    2. Who are the people doing my home?

    To help you save costs, we only work with specialists in each area of renovation such as carpentry, air-conditioning, painting etc. They have been in the industry for more than 10 years, and we are confident that our contractors are the best in their respective areas.

    3. How do you ensure that the project completes on-time? What if the contract or delays?

    Just as our name suggests, we aim to complete renovation within 7-12 weeks through the quantum speed of light!

    Through relentless monitoring and structured project management, we go on-site every week to ensure that everything is going as per our project management schedule.

    4. What are your design styles?

    Modern, contemporary and Scandinavian are some of our favourites. However, we have no issues tailoring to your needs and coming out with new styles.

    5. How much will my renovation cost?

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    6. Do you provide any other services?

    Yes, in addition interiordesign, we are specialised in smart solutions and can elevateyour decorations or furniture in your home. On the same note, we can help yousource for furniture that not only complements your dream housebutisalso capableof smart integration.

    7. I have some brief design in mind. Should I still engage you?

    Besides just the design, a renovation project’s success greatly depends on good project management practices. Ourteam of reliable contractors not only provides quality workmanship but is also highly cost-effective. The project may end up cheaper than if you engage unknown contractors to work on your home.

    8. Will the smart home design fit the theme I already have in mind?

    That’s even better; we will incorporate our smart solutions to fit your preferred theme without making too many modifications to the original design.

    Our smart solutions vary from digital locks, lightings, smart switches and even LifeSmart products such as the magic mirror and Cololights.

    9. Do you also do smart security for my home?

    Yes, using our parent company’s cyber secure and bank-level encryption, along side building your home with your favorite thematic, your homes will be better protected with our smart digital lock and alarm systems that notify you when an unauthorized person attempts to open your door.

    10. Will the smart features be easy to use?

    Yes, the smart features can be easily operated in four ways;

    1.Through motion sensor
    2.Voice command through Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa
    3.The LifeSmart mobile application available on Google Play and the App Store
    4.Smart switches

    11. Will there be hard-selling during the consultation? Please be honest.

    No, there is absolutely no hard-selling. At Quantum, we believe that our solutions speak for itself. Our team will plan the most optimal design layout with smart solutions to cater to your budget during the consultation. Rest assured, we will only advise you essential smart IoT devices and solutions that you require for your home, but may recommend you furniture and other products that suit your lifestyle and preferences. There is no obligation.