“vehicle noises, passerbys screaming and chattering, planes taking off... all gone. It’s life changing.”

Get Undisturbed WFH days, A Peaceful Night’s Sleep and Ultimate Privacy

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How we keep ALL SOUND out (and in)

with AluK High Quality Italian Imported Soundproof Glass
10 Year Warranty and 30dB Noise Reduction Guarantee

Sleep like a baby with our guaranteed 30-35dB on-site noise reduction

Other window suppliers don’t want you to know that dB reduction can actually be simulated in lab, but not when there’s ambient noise onsite.

Our guarantee is actual, on-site noise level reduction. We’ll blast music with a speaker outside the windows and let you see the noise level drop by yourself.

Top quality workmanship that comes with a 10 year warranty

Imagine getting brand new windows but it wasn’t as soundproof as you expected.

Worse, there’s all sorts of mess left behind by the installers. Furniture damage, peeling paint, scratches on the floor and the most troublesome of them all-water damage.

That won’t happen with Noise Plaster.

From the thousands of windows we’ve worked, we’ve picked up the skills to bypass and even fix any potential damage, all within 1 installation session

As quickly as the next 4 WEEKS

If we say 4 weeks, we mean 4weeks.

Yes, we actually stick to our quoted timeline. No such thing as “our supplier delay” because we stock, cut and assemble the windows locally!

Get a confirmed installation date the day that we present you the final quote. No hidden fees, no unnecessary up-selling

In fact, we’re so confident in our workmanship and guaranteed 30dBnoise reduction that we’re offering you a 10 year warranty.

This includes all manufacturing and alignment defects using AluK hardware, handles, gaskets, friction stay and even any water damage up to 6 inches from the edge of the window frame.

Don’t Believe us? Hear Directly from Our Satisfied Customers.

Dave O.

The high frequency noises (voices, aircon fans, loud street noise) frankly.. Gone. Beer keg unloading: gone. Waterjet cleaning of the loading dock, crashing of bins and bottle noise: vanished... All in all, VERY happy. If anyone wants my reference, no problem.


I must say that your workmanship is best in the entire Singapore. Your entire team is excellent, very humble and cooperative. I want to give 10 out of 10 to your services. It’s a great job done and I look forward to seek your services in near future. Also I would highly recommend your services to my friends.

Lisa n.

I think it’s life-changing. Finally I get to sleep past 6amon a school day, and I can finally get down to business with minimal noise intrusions. The noise from the school alarms, the traffic lights, the passer by screaming and chattering downstairs, to the vehicles jam braking at the parking lot gantry next to my room are all eradicated.

phillip t

Nicholas, I thought that, is important to let you know that. I have never seen workers so happy working together. You have inspired this team so well. They have been working really hard, nonstop till 11pm, yet the positive attitude from each one of them is still top form. My wife and I are so impressed by their working attitude, workmanship and crafts. Thankyou for providing us the best again! Thank you!

Why Noise Plaster’s AluK Windows?




Guarantee 30dB noise reductionon site



Acoustic Certified System




SCDF Fire Code Compliant




Warranty on Alignment/Manufacturing Defects




We’re bringing skyscraper hotel/office quality (yes the MBS kind)
European Imported Glass to the everyday consumer.

Our Fuss-Free Process

Free Phone Consultation with Soundproof Specialists

Is this really the product for me? Do I even need this? Price? Our soundproof specialists answer your burning questions and ensure Noise Plaster is truly the right fit for you.

On-site Assessment by our Technical Team

Our specialized technical team will make a trip down to your home to take accurate measurements and assess for potential problem areas.

Final Quote and Installation Date

From there, you get a cost breakdown and final quote. We can also confirm installation date on the spot (yes, we actually stick to our promised deadlines)!

Local Glass Cutting and Window Assembly

Our technical team paired with our factory-grade precision cutter ensures the perfect assembly. That’s how we ensure on-time and reliable delivery and installation

Home Protection

Your floor and furniture are thoroughly protected with brand new corrugated paper, dropsheets and rubber sheets. We’re confident in leaving the site as spotless as it was before (with your brand new soundproof windows of course).

Installation Works

We go room by room for installation, no need to vacate the house. Our specialized team with BCA licensed lead ensure measurement, alignment and protection are top-notch to minimize noise leakage.

Same-Day Touch-ups(if necessary)

the end, our consultant will walk you through the windows to check for any necessary touch ups. This includes basic cement finishing and fixture re-installation. We’ll even set a speaker blasting music right outside your window to demonstrate the noise difference.

10 Year Warranty and Dedicated After-Sale Team

If you spot any damage or misalignment, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re so confident in the quality of our product and workmanship that we’re willing to offer a 10 year warranty covering any kind of adjustments needed, no questions asked.

Over 1000 Residential and Commercial Projects All Across Singapore

We’ve worked with

Yes, We also Do Soundproof Doors!

Our partners

We Plaster Noise.

Noise plaster specializes in soundproofing windows and doors, with our high quality Italian imported AluK glass.

We provide one of the lowest lead time for high quality double glazed windows in Singapore, with our own in-house fabricator and installer team.

To date, Noise Plaster had helped more than 1000 residential and commercial clients get soundproofed with its unique soundproof windows and doors.

We’ve also continuously expanded our innovative product range providing many unique and interesting glass makeups such as fluted glass, figured glass, tinted glass, low-e glass, mesh glass and frosted glass

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Noise Plaster AluK windows overkill for my home?

Imagined if you engaged, paid and opened your home to another window installation and it turns out the soundproofing was much less effective than you anticipated (many of our clients have experienced this)!

Noise pollution in the small and densely populated Singapore can really take a big hit on your quality of life, especially if your area is near busy roads, 24-hour places or plane runways.

We’re confident in delivering our promised 30dB noise reduction and even a 10 year warranty for adjustments after.

How long will it take?

Our average project takes 8-9 hours for installation and around 1 month from our first consultation (subject to your response timing as well).

Do I have to leave my home during the installation?

No, we go room by room for the installation and clean up. We won’t leave any mess behind at the end of each day (if your installation takes more than a day).

Can I still engage you if I’m working with an interior designer?

Yes you can! You can work around your renovation schedule with your interior designer and let us know what suitable dates there are for us to come down.

Is it expensive?

We bring skyscraper type high-quality soundproof windows to the everyday consumer.

Yes, AluK is pricier than cheaper alternatives like uPVC or basic double-glazed glass solutions.

But if it were cheap, you wouldn’t get:

  • Real, on-site 30dB guaranteed noise reduction
  • 10 year warranty, no questions asked-mm precise window cutting (yes it actually affects the sound proofing!)
  • as quickly as 4weeks (we keep our glass stocked and do in-house cutting and assembly to ensure no “supplier delays”)

Any hard selling? Please be honest.

Not at all. Our soundproofing specialists only give professional recommendations, we won’t push you to commit to more than you need.

We strongly believe that our high quality windows and workmanship speaks for itself.

In fact, we’ve had many clients who’ve come back to us after a satisfying 1-room job to ask us to soundproof the rest of their home windows!

There are already 1001 other problems that can keep you up at night.
Don’t let noise be one of them

Simply fill in the form to get a free consultation with our soundproof specialist today.

  • Window assessment/analysis of any condition/problems
  • Free estimate quote and cost breakdown
  • Soundproof window recommendations

Where to find us

(65) 8666 8734 | sales@noiseplaster.com
10 Admiralty Street #05-86 Singapore 757695