Best ERP Software Specialised for Manufacturing and Operations

A software developed by a team with ~15 years in the manufacturing and IT industry in Singapore and Malaysia

Working in manufacturing, we all know what the 7 big wastes are. But do you really know the biggest costs that are squeezing your profit margins?

Based on our experience consulting hundreds of manufacturing companies and inspecting hundreds of factory floors all across Singapore and Malaysia, we found that a significant proportion of companies don’t fully understand the factors that are eating into their profits.

Here are some common problems manufacturers face in today’s highly competitive industry:

High reject rate
Underutilized machines
High mix low volume, more and personalised varieties
Quick turnaround in version (over produce)
Short lead time (just in time production)
Labour crunch even though you receive large orders
Lowest margin/profits in history

No, this is not just about hopping on the industry 4.0 trend. We’ve developed a system that genuinely cuts your costs, tailored to Singapore and Malaysia manufacturing industry and practices.

If you’re still using

Excel sheets and manual entry to keep track of production performance and output

Pen and paper

Or you don't even have any proper manufacturing operation management at all

... this is for you

Get practical, useful features that ACTUALLY optimises operations, stop frustrating miscomms and truly helps you to minimise waste.

Shine a light on your biggest wastages and weak links

When your clients are charging you crazy amounts for every hour of delay, overproduction JUST IN CASE is absolutely necessary. But what happens to the spare parts?

Often, they get thrown into a corner of the warehouse and never see the light of day again (maybe until you move out). Worse, technology is moving so fast that (depending on your clients’ industry) these part scan easily become obsolete within the next year-or even months.

Neptrix keeps log of all your stock and excess production for you. Redirect your excess towards other projects and optimise your production.

Save cost from overproduction and storage space

Operate at a higher capacity when you save time by redirecting excess stock

More than 10 years experience in the SG/Malaysia manufacturing industry

Ever speak to an IT guy selling you something and it's obvious they have no knowledge of your business or common business practices?

Find someone who can speak your language.

Our team has members with over 10 years experience in the manufacturing industry and an in-depth understanding of Singaporean and Malaysian Manufacturing in terms of workflow and culture. Our system is also designed to accommodate the flexible business practices (e.g. borrow stock). This is something that most other ERP systems and IT advisors will not be able to handle

Don’t pay more for what you don’t need

Most ERP solutions are all inclusive and charge you extra for services you may not necessarily need. Like accounting, financing, client management.

Neptrix ERP solutions are specifically tailored for manufacturing and operations. No fear that we will try to upsell you other areas of the ERP that you don’t really need.

At just $15 a month, you can gamify your production floor and get

  • Bulk discount available for projects with more than 20 users.
  • Cloud or On-Premise installation
  • Master Data
  • Secured Authentication
  • User/Role Management
  • Production Recording Kiosk
  • Basic and Advanced Manufacturing Modules
  • Basic Purchase Modules
  • Basic and Advanced Sales Module
  • BoM / Routing Control
  • Inventory Modules
  • Support FacView
  • Support IoT

Our Testimonials

“During the project, Neptrix has demonstrated their professionalism through their dedication to the project, by understanding the exact needs and by proposing a solution that is within our expected budget. Neptrix was also very accommodating in meeting our dynamic and volatile project timeline”

Victor Yuen - Senior Manager, Production Systems and Development, IT

“We chose Neptrix Sdn Bhd as they are able to understand our business needs and then recommend and explain in detail what we should go for”

Heah Jay King - MIS Manager,Wong Engineering Corporation Berhad

“I had eliminated my dependency on experienced spare parts consultant after implementation of infohub as the system’s search engine is able to auto-suggest the part number based on car model.”

On Jin Hong - Owner North Malaya Autoparts Specialist Sdn Bhd

Our output rate went up on immediately after the visual management TV installed on our production floor. It turns out to be the production line workers are competing with others on the real-time output figure. Besides, I can also monitor the production output, and machine status from my office.

Mr. Toh Kai Seng - Senior Production Manager, Renewable Energy Corporation

Infohub In Action

Case Study: Supporting WEC production since 2016

Now Neptrix infoHub®Framework compliments Wong Engineering’s ERP System and improve their production

Wong Engineering Corporation (Listed at KLSE: [7050] Wong) has 200 machines manufacturing high precision components part, with high mix of process and machines.

High mix low volume is a manufacturer’s nightmare. ERP systems always plan with perfect scenario, in autopia with no downtime nor ad-hoc request. Our systems had help them on their detail planning, accurate to seconds job reporting, and provide accurate OEE so the management can actually pinpoint their improvement area to improve.

As a result, WEC had significant improvement in term of their availability, performance and quality after using infohub®Framework in their production.

“We chose Neptrix Sdn Bhd as they are able to understand our business needs and then recommend and explain in detail what we should go for” said Mr. Heah, WEC’s MIS Manager

Our Clients

We’ve worked with manufacturing companies in

Metal Fabrication/Machining




Solar Manufacturing

Test and Assembly

More Reasons to Choose Us Reliable and Proven System and Service

Get a response within 15minutes or less

Drop us a Whatsapp message, and watch the double ticks turn blue in minutes. We actually keep a huge screen up on our office monitoring any messages in. Besides our dedicated response team, anyone walking past the screen will be able to spot a notification and call it out -so we can get to you immediately.

Idiot-proof system

Not tech savvy? Not a problem. Neptrix solutions keep in mind that those on the factory floor may not be used to working with fancy technology. In fact, many of our clients have successfully gone from just pen and paper to neptrix ERP solutions.

No lag

Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised how many users get frustrated at poorly implemented erp systems that end up becoming white elephants. Our system not only has great UI, but ensures the use experience is seamless as well.

Our Process

Site visit*
Demo and Consultation
View past Case Studies
Non-obligatory proposal and quote
Proposal and quotation
Install software system
Set up master data
Go through standard training program

* due to Covid, we are currently not conducting site visits

Results you’ll see

Within 3-6 months

Lower reject rate

Increase capacity

Improve accuracy

In 1 year

Higher OEE

Cycle time improvement

Effective line balancing

Managed inventory

Who Are We?

Now Neptrix infoHub®Framework compliments Wong Engineering’s ERP System and improve their production

We were originally a team of resellers for a well known ERP system. Overtime, we start to notice that the local manufacturers have major issues with using European technologies due to cultural and workflow differences. The tech just didn’t accommodate the kind of flexible practices common in Malaysia and Singapore.

The initial idea was formed at National University of Singapore (NUS) campus in year 2012, where our founding members team up at the school canteen, and decided to put our knowledge in business, to deliver new technologies to boost manufacturers’ efficiency.

Since then we’ve worked with giants in the manufacturing industry, many of whom have been with us 5years and counting

Team Leader
Yap Mun Foong

14 years experience in manufacturing/ERP/MES business 

MSc in Industrial &Systems Engineering(NUS)

BEng in Computer Systems Engineering(Manchester)

Lean Expert
Daniel Ang

11 years in Manufacturing Improvements Role

Six Sigma Black Belt MEng in Mechanical Engineering (Leeds)

Tech Guru
Lim Yeen Fei

Programming freak since 12 years old

BEng in Computer Systems Engineering(Manchester) Former A*STAR Senior Engineer

Project Mgr
Cees Kettenis

Certified Scrum Master

Adv Dip in IT(Netherlands)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Neptrix overkill for the needs of my company? Are we really suitable for this?

As long as your production line includes a minimum of 5 machines, Neptrix infohub can definitely help you.

We definitely encourage you to find out more or speak with one of our consultants first to find out the full scope of work that we can provide.

What if our workers aren’t tech savvy?

Not tech savvy? Not a problem. Neptrix solutions keep in mind that those on the factory floor may not be used to working with fancy technology. In fact, many of our clients have successfully gone from just pen and paper to neptrix ERP solutions.

We understand this is very important because of the potential “culture shock” that leads to employee resistance is one of the main reasons SMEs are reluctant to invest on IR4.0

I still don’t understand what this is

We completely understand that this is a big concept to wrap our heads around. If you want to learn more about building a smart factory and industry 4.0 not as a trend but in SPECIFIC terms of how exactly it will look like on the factory floor, we can explain it to you. No strings attached.

You can go ahead and fill in the form below for a price estimate and add a note on the questions you have. We can contact you and give you advice specific to your client type and existing operations system, free of charge and non-obligatory.

Why is this so affordable?

That’s because our system is specialised solely for manufacturing and operations. This is unlike other bigger ERP brands which may provide more features that you may not need in this industry.

Don’t pay for what you don’t need. Find out how much Neptrix ERP solutions would be specific for your company’s needs.

Still not sure if this is for you? That’s okay. In fact, we fully encourage you to find out more about thescope of ERP for manufacturing firms and what it can do specifically for you.

Fill in the form to get a non-obligatory quote and

Advice on where you can optimise their operations

Learn best practices in the manufacturing industry

Infohub demo

Get price estimate



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