6 Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring(CGM)/Insulin pump.

6 Benefits of Continuous Glucose Monitoring(CGM)/Insulin pump.

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Living with Type 1 diabetes may involve occasional bouts of dizziness, lethargy, and irregular heart rate. On some days, you may cope well with sudden episodes of hypo or hyperglycemia. Even so, dealing with it all at once can be stressful and over whelming.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.

If you can predict your blood glucose spikes or drops BEFORE it happens, keeping diabetes and life in balance might be possible.

Here are the 6 main benefits of using a CGM/Insulin pump:

Live your Life with a Peace of Mind

Type 1 diabetes does not define you, and neither shall it restrict your life in any way. Whether you are at work, play, or rest, you can use a CGM to keep track of your blood glucose levels. A glance at the app is all it takes for you to relax again.

Get Notified Before Anything Goes Wrong

CGM provides blood glucose level updates every 5 minutes-that’s 288 readings with just 2 calibrations a day! GuardianTM Sensor 3generates graphs and predictive trends that can make predictions up to 60 minutes ahead. You can therefore react and avoid hypo or hyperglycemic episodes even before it happens.

Monitor Your Glucose Levels Discreetly

GS3 takes blood glucose levels automatically and transmits the data directly to your phone. Just check your app-anytime, anywhere, and others would be none the wiser. The sensor can be placed discreetly on the arm, tummy, or thigh area. This gives you options for various activities and fashion, or to hide from curious eyes.

Personalised Alerts

Your alerts can be customized to suit your needs. You can consider to:

● Adjust the volume of alerts to your liking(for instance, louder alerts during sleep)
● Change the frequency of alerts or add a snooze function.
● Turn off all alerts for a certain period(for instance, during an important meeting)

Caregiver Function with Remote Monitoring

You can share remote monitoring access with up to 5 care partners.

In the case of an emergency or any detected irregularities, caregivers will be notified by SMS.

With remote monitoring, you can have greater assurance that you or your loved ones are in good hands.

Pump compatibility with CGM sensors (selective brands only

Some of the insulin pumps offer 24/7 insulin infusion with compatible CGM sensors. In this case, the pump and CGM work together as an artificial pancreas to minimize the pain and discomfort you have to go through with fewer daily injections and finger pricks. A smartphone app will display sensor graphs and trend arrows for you to visualize your blood glucose levels and insulin doses in real time.

Having a reliable continuous glucose monitoring system can help you and your loved ones finally get a well-deserved peace of mind

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