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Ace PSLE English With Our Unique Current Affairs Driven Curriculum

From Paper 1 to Paper 4: Learning from real events to boost scores across ALL PSLE Papers

Since 2014, we have achieved a track record of 75% A/A* for PSLE English. Even the new AL scoring system and the COVID-19 pandemic have not slowed us down–in 2021, 76% of our students scored AL1-AL4, while 90% of our online class students scored AL1!

We also spotted 1 out of 2 PSLE Oral questions every year for the last 5 years, as well as PSLE Paper 1 questions for the last 4-5 years in our composition set.

Teaching Tried and True Techniques To Score

“Mummy, I don’t want to write compositions, I hate writing!”

For many parents, it is hard to motivate children to study English–especially if their language foundation is weak.

Children have a short attention span at this age. So just asking them to read model compositions and learn good phrases is not enough. Students need to be guided to know where and how to use those good phrases.

Unfortunately, many students do not receive this guidance. So they fall back on the same bad habits, such as writing overused storylines (cheating in exams, preventing a theft etc.) with poor story flow and uninteresting sentence structures.

As a result, they get borderline pass grades or are unable to break through to get an AL1/2.

What if your child could learn AND remember good scoring techniques, so they can apply theseskills100% of the time in exam conditions?

Introducing our new Current Affairs Driven Curriculum...

...that combines all of LJEC’s best techniques for scoring in English with an up-to-date MOE-aligned curriculum!

Ever since MOE rolled out the new Primary English Syllabus in 2020, we have observed a shift in favour of current affairs topics in schools.

Which is exactly why we developed our Current Affairs Curriculum. The curriculum not only closely follows the current MOE syllabus, it also provides a fantastic foundation for ALL major papers.

With our Current Affairs Curriculum, students become motivated to:

  • learn and apply good descriptive phrases and words (no more cliched and boring phrases that your teacher has seen 100 times!)
  • plan and write AL1 compositions that are creative and enjoyable to read with our Super Writers, One Story Many Titles techniques and more
  • net full marks by giving concise answers that hit all the key points (no more vague answers that only net you half marks!
  • identify contextual clues in a passage to get the correct answer 90% of the time(even if you are not sure of the meaning)

Best of all, teaching students with real news sources means students learn information that is still relevant and useful when they move on to secondary school and beyond.

Hear From Our Former Students

Revealing The Secrets of Our Students’ Success

Plan well-written and creative compositions with Super Writers R.G.4.R.

Many students are taught to do up a plan and memorize lists of good phrases before writing their compo.

But when they actually start writing, they end up with a disorganized composition with narrative gaps. Or, they end up not using the good phrases they memorized.

This is because applying knowledge (planning, good phrases) is much harder than learning it.

To tackle this, our tutors will patiently guide students through the Super Writers R.G.4.R. framework. Each step will help students internalize and apply the knowledge that they have learnt.

They will become confident writers who know what, when and how to apply excellent writing skills to create well-written compositions that are enjoyable to read!

Our students also get their inspiration from real news, such as the 2020 incident of 2 teenage boys getting lost at MacRitchie while trying to find a shrine.

Acing Paper 2 with the right answers, not just answers that ‘look correct’

Which answer is correct, 1 or 2?

Q: “How did the writer fall down the slope?”

1. The writer was halfway down the plank when it snapped abruptly so the writer slipped and fell to the bottom.

2. The writer fell and slipped as the tree vine he was grabbing snapped abruptly.

Students and even parents may not feel that there is a difference between the 2answers. But Answer 2 is the correct answer. Answer 1 is vague and did not answer the question, hence it got 0 marks.

Paper 2 is where even students who are proficient in English lose many marks. Often, this is because they give vague answers or do not read the passage carefully.

Our Paper 2techniques are designed to lead students to the right answer, not just an answer that ‘looks correct’. By observing contextual clues and identifying what the question wants, students can get full rather than 0 or half marks.

Speak confidently and elaborate well for Oral with Super Speakers

“I have never volunteered/done household chores/played badminton before, so I don’t know.”

One common problem in Oral exams is when the student doesn’t have a certain experience, so they abruptly stop talking. This greatly pulls down their scores as the teacher cannot give marks for what the student doesn’t say.

With the Super Speakers’ frame work however, your child will never run out of things to talk about during oral.

During lesson time, we pick out news sources that focus on commonly-tested topics such as hygiene, gratitude, and hobbies so that students can build their vocabulary bank for Oral.

Each news source is broken down so that they’re easy to digest, yet provide relevant details and suggestions a student can use during the stimulus-based conversation.

Our tutors give individualised feedback so that each student can tell exactly what their areas of improvement are, be it in diction, pronunciation, pace, or too-brief answers.

We even arrange for different tutors to conduct mock oral exams, so that your child can experience real exam conditions with unfamiliar teachers.

What Makes Learning Journey Different?

Complimentary Access to Super Learners A.I Learning Platform

We give you free access to supplementary self-learning worksheets on our AI learning platform (worth$1300) that has a database of more than 10,000 questions. It delivers questions based on your child’s needs. For example, if your child is weak in a specific area of grammar, the smart AI will deliver more questions testing that part of grammar. The questions are automatically marked and come with video explanations so that your child can learn anywhere, anytime.

Specially Curated In-House Assessment Books

Our in-house assessment books are written by our founder and principal, Grace Tan. She is also the best selling author of the Comprehension Cloze Techniques series, which has been sold in Popular Bookstore for 6 years and is currently used by Mee Toh Primary School. The books closely follow current PSLE passages and questions in terms of topic and difficulty level. As a bonus, we even courier these lesson materials to your house free of charge!

Tiny Class Sizes to Accelerate Learning

Unlike many other tuition centres with 10-20 students per class, Learning Journey keeps classes small at4-6 students. This allows the tutor to spend more time on your child to ensure that they learn and remember the right techniques. With the extra guidance, your child will be able internalize these techniques and complete papers in exam conditions without having to refer to their books.

Effective Online and Physical Classes

Many parents worry that their child will not pay attention during tuition class. That won’t be a problem here. With our small class sizes, our tutors are able to keep students focussed on the lesson. For online classes, we have a camera-on rule and use a no-fuss e-learning platform that doesn’t require parents to scan and mark papers. If you wish, you can even pop online to check in on your child during lessons.

More Reviews From Our Students

Experience Our Methods Yourself With a Diagnostic Consultation

Evaluation of Child’s Ability Level

To better understand your child’s ability level and needs, we will take a look at their past exam papers. Our tutors will evaluate the papers to gain insight into your child’s areas of improvement.

If you do not have a past exam paper, we can also provide short mock papers with condensed Paper 2questions and a topic to write on for Paper 1. Do note that due to time constraints, we will only mark the first 2 paragraphs for Paper 1.

Consultation Session With Our Tutors

Depending on your preferences, we can arrange a 30min in person or Zoom meeting. During these 30mins, we will go through the paper together with your child.

With the helpful comments and annotations added by our tutors, your child will be able to understand exactly why they got a certain question wrong, and how to improve next time. They will also be aware of the gaps in their learning that are preventing them from scoring well in English.

About Us

Hi, I’m Grace Tan, a bilingual education specialist with a Master in Education at NIE-NTU. Drawing on my 15 years of teaching experience, I have developed curriculums for English programmes at nearly every level of education, from Preschool to Primary to Secondary & IP.

I have personally taught each of our 25 tutors the LJEC curriculum, including our Current Affairs approach, Super Writers methodology and more. With the right mindset and techniques, your child candrastically improve their English comprehension and writing skills

Author of Comprehension Cloze Techniques series, Ace Your Essay Writing series and LJEC in-house assessment book

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What resources do you use to teach?

We use our unique LJEC curriculum as well as in-house assessment books. Both are developed by our founder and principal, Ms Grace Tan, who has 15 years of teaching experience and holds a Master in Education.

Are your methods proven?

Yes! Since 2014, 75% of LJEC students have achieved A/A* using our techniques. We have continually refined our techniques through the years

Do you recommend online or physical class?

It’s up to you! Most students who join us see a marked improvement in their English scores whether they are from our online or physical classes.

Parents who opt for online classes can rest assured, we have our ways of keeping students focussed even through Zoom. If you do choose online classes, you can also get 10% off course fees!

Is your curriculum designed according to MOE syllabus?

Yes, our tuition centre is MOE-approved and our curriculum follows the MOE syllabus. We’ve even managed to correctly spot PSLE Paper 1 and Oral questions every year, for the last 4-5 years!

Are your fees expensive?

At Learning Journey, we strive to give your child high quality, personalized education. That’s why we go to the trouble of developing our own curriculum and teaching materials, while staying true to a small class size of 6 students maximum. To strike a balance between affordability and the cost of upkeep, our Primary English classes are priced at $75/class. Compared to similar tuition centres, our tuition fees are more affordable and competitive.

Help Your Child Overcome Their Weaknesses

Would you rather your child learn English by:

1. Drilling exam papers over and over again without real understanding...


2. Teaching them exam-smart techniques supplemented by real and interesting news articles and videos?
We believe in the second option.

With the right techniques, and the right motivation, your child can unlock their hidden language potential and score so much higher for English.

Fill in the form to book a 30 min Diagnostic Consultation with us. Discover your child’s weaknesses and areas of improvement

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