S$770K PROFIT FROM JUST 4 SOLD PROPERTIES *** Finally, A Property Agent Who Has Perfected His Digital Marketing Skills...

Discover what skill sets Kelvin Neo has that put his 500+ clients in a very advantageous selling position that helped them sold their properties for maximum profit quickly.

When you sell your property, you probably already know that most property agents will help to find buyers by marketing your home online.

However, did you know that most agents only rely on the same advertising platforms such as Property guru, SRX & 99.co to promote listings?

These online platforms are created for the ease of running ads online without in-depth knowledge on digital marketing. Hence they’ve become the preferred platforms for most property agents who aren’t familiar with running ads on advanced platforms like Facebook & Google.

You see, the problem is platforms like these may be oversaturated with ads since it’s too easy to setup ads there. And the fact that there’re 32,414 property agents in Singapore, your ads will likely be buried by others.

While it’s good to leverage these user-friendly platforms, it’s better to spread your eggs in different baskets to get maximum outreach. Besides, these basic platforms are not equipped with advanced functions that allow users to laser-target a buyer of specific criteria.


This is the whole purpose of Kelvin Neo’s service: to help owners to sell their property for maximum profit quickly by connecting them to the right buyers through digital marketing across different online marketing channels for maximum exposure & opportunities.

And also to benefit his clients with a proven property investment strategy that has helped him make $770,000 – featured in The Straits Time.

Why Kelvin Neo?

Specialised in Digital Marketing

Investing over 150 hours & tens of thousands of dollars per month in running ads & educating himself on digital marketing technicalities & strategies; Kelvin has constantly fine-tuned & mastered his digital marketing methodology, which he’ll be using this exact method to help you search for high-quality active buyers & connecting you to them.

“Compared with other agents, the ads will be on page 7 or 8, but when Kelvin took over, we can see our property on the 1st page”, said one client. His consistent online success has led him to be appointed by ERA as a mentor to train other property agents on digital marketing, which got him over 15,000 Facebook followers & students to date.

In 2021, he earned his appointment to Master Trainer – the only qualified trainer at ERA to have received it that year. This validates Kelvin’s ability to assist you in selling your property online.

One favourite strategy of Kelvin is not to price & advertise your property too high at first so that it could draw more attention & enquires, leading to more views & offers that would eventually drive up its price. And this strategy has consistently helped Kelvin sell his client’s unit at a higher price than the evaluation.

Background in Construction Industry

Spending 13 years of his life in the construction sector, Kelvin had risen from a sales executive position to an associate director role, acquiring valuable knowledge & experience dealing with building materials, as well as mastering skill sets such as painting, photography & design through his work in a painting firm.

This places him in an advantageous position to value-add his service to you, from seepage & defects check to even interior styling & visualization. Not only these services can help you to cut costs but also positively impact the perceived value of your unit.

Proven Track Record & Excellence Performance

Within 9 years, Kelvin made a capital gain of $767,000 after selling off his 4 properties through the same property investment strategy that he & his team has developed over the years. Using the same blueprint, he has helped over 500 Singaporeans to achieve their financial goals & move to their dream houses to date. The above achievements have been covered in The Straits Times & other local media.

Today, Kelvin still belongs to the top 8% of ERA & had consistently been in the Top 3 senior Group Division Directors’ category in ERA. Kelvin also helms the Olympians Group, a strong team comprising of several Division Directors & Top Achievers under his charge.

What does all this mean to you as a seller & his client? You’ll be in the good hand of a master of his trade who can propel you towards your financial goal & dream home.

Direct Access To Active Buyers

Tap into Kelvin’s internal network of over 8,146 property agents with active buyers constantly searching for their desired properties. This is one effective platform that has provided Kelvin’s clients with the fastest route to showcase their homes to a large audience within Singapore’s property market, generating multiple offers & opportunities for Kelvin’s clients, on top of those obtained through his paid advertisements.

In addition, engaging Kelvin’s service will allow you to showcase your home in ERA’s State-of-the-art Property Information Centre where it’s strategically located across HDB Hub. Its well-furnished exterior façades cladded with interesting panels have become a usual attention grabber for hundreds of passers-by daily. This means that your home listing can be shown directly to ‘fresh’ home seekers patronizing HDB Hub.

Why Kelvin Neo?

Don't Take Our Words For It, Hear From His Satisfied Clients

Speedy response with top-notch service

Being a client of Kelvin, I found that he has been always very helpful & consider his customers as priority with fast response, & best service.

And also, he shares his ideas with many years of experience, & he looks for long term partnership, which enable his customers trust & rely on him. Yes, I would recommend his service.

Nancy Lu


Sold with price above market valuations

Very efficient services, closed the deal for the first viewing within 30 minutes. Selling prices beyond our expectations. Thank you for his excellent services. Highly recommended.

Tan Lay Keow


Provide extra value-adding services

Kelvin is hardworking, provides excellent service & goes the extra mile. For instance, he checked my newly constructed development for defects & provides feedback to the developers if he finds any. Having a responsible & competent agent saves home buyers legwork & effort.

Benjamin Yeng

(Seller & Buyer)

Sold with 25K COV



Sold in less than a month

Mingyao & Marlin

seller & Buyer


Track Record

Customers served! 1 Days Average selling time
Customers served! 1 %   Transactions that met target price
Customers served! More than 1  Properties sold
Customers served! More than 1  Happy clients served

Why Kelvin Neo?

Are you able to sell my property at my desired selling price?

While it’s our goal to meet your desired selling price, other considerations are required. 1 strategy is not to price your unit too high initially so that there would be more enquiries, viewings & offers that would eventually drive up the price to what is considered market value.

I need to sell my unit urgently, how soon can you do that for me?

Based on our track records, it can be done within 3 months. And not to brag, the fastest record we have is within 2 days.

Should I sell my unit or buy my property first?

Suppose you have sufficient funds on hand, you can buy your property first. However, if most of your money is locked-in at your current house, it’s advisable for you to sell it first.

My unit hasn’t been sold for 6 months due to its poor location. Is there still hope?

Regardless of what unfavourable conditions (low floor, facing a busy road, direct sunlight, poor history etc.) you think your unit has, we're confident that we can find the right buyers for you based on our marketing strategy that our team has developed over the years.

What is your license & office location ?

I’m Kelvin Neo (R026664J), Executive Group Division Director of ERA, Founder of Olympian Division. Personal office @ EPA APAC Centre: 450 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh Singapore 319394

What if my flat is not sold?

To date, all our sellers’ units have been sold off. In the unlikely scenario that your flat isn’t sold within our exclusivity period, you're not required to pay us any fees.

As a HDB seller, how much do I need to pay for agent fees?

Although it’s not fixed, the typical fees for selling a HDB is 2% of the selling price.

About Kelvin Neo

Executive Group Division Director Kelvin Neo has been practising real estate for 13+ years & now helms the Olympians Group, a strong team comprising several Division Directors & Top Achievers under his charge.

Kelvin, who has sold over 500 properties & served over 3,000 happy clients to date, is renowned among colleagues & clients alike for his integrity, skill sets, & professionalism.

He receives calls daily from other agents asking for his advice & recommendations on listings for their sellers. Furthermore, he’s continuously invited to conduct digital marketing trainings in real estate functions.

Also, with 15 years of experience in the construction industry, he’s able to assist his clients in realizing the full potential of each property here presents.

Your Home Is Your Biggest Asset. Now You Can Sell It At The Highest Price Through The Right Agent With The Right Skill Sets.

Now it’s easy to see why Kelvin is capable of helping you to find high-quality buyers & sell your property at your desired price within a short time frame.

His featured property investment track records in local media & endorsement from ERA speak volumes about his abilities.

And the unique combinations of his expertise in online marketing & design can significantly give your listing an edge over others, just like how it did for 500+ homeowners who have sold their properties & doubled or even tripled their investment returns.

You may still not be thoroughly convinced about Kelvin’s abilities, but that’s fine…

Simply claim your Personalised Home Evaluation below & personally see what exactly Kelvin Neo can do to help you sell fast & for maximum profit:

  • Discover how high your home value can go up to with the help of Kelvin’s expertise
  • Find out how you can leverage on digital marketing & design to your advantage
  • Get exclusive access to a Real Estate Digest that offers you proven to work strategies about selling / buying a house in Singapore
  • Receive professional advice & answers to any questions relating to property & investment

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