Press Reset on Age Spots, Fine Lines and Dull Skin with this Nobel Prize-Winning Cellular Regeneration Treatment

Organically grown active ingredients with immediate, on-the-spot results

“Aiyah old already, what’s the point? Who do I have left to impress?”

Does this sound familiar to you?

Past a certain age, many women start to care less about their appearance, thinking that it’s too late to start, or that we’re “too old to be vain”.

Many don’t believe that it’s possible to regain the bouncy, glowing complexion and confidence that they once took for granted.

But that’s not the case.

I’ve worked with hundreds of women past their 40s, 50s and even 60s to help them restore a their youthful glow and clear complexion.

Seeing is believing...

The secret? A potent blend of carefully selected active ingredients. Organically grown, researched and refined in our very own lab and carefully packaged into these two little bottles.

Introducing the Award-winning Nobel Prize winning cellular renewal treatment with special enzyme autophagy formulation.

No special equipment, no lasers, no radiotherapy, no evasive and abrasive chemicals, but just pure natural anti-oxygen treatment with E-Pigment, C-Miracle and Glutathione

Get noticeable, on-the-spot results

That means within minutes of application.

With a consistent routine, you can expect to remove age spots within 14-70 days of regular use.

You can also expect:

  • Collagen renewal for bouncier, firmer skin
  • Skin whitening effects for a brighter complexion
  • Eliminates excess pigmentation in the form of age spots or acne scars-Protection from harmful UV rays that can darken pigmentation/age spots

Scientifically Researched Formula with a Nobel Prize-winning mechanism

It’s not magic, it’s science.

The KEY ingredient that eliminates pigmentation in E-pigment and C-miracles is Melazero.

Melazero is an ingredient that stimulates a nobel-prize winning mechanism that converts melanin(dark pigment) to amino acids.

That means you’re converting unwanted dark spots into amino acids that

  • Promote wound healing
  • Retains hydration and moisture under the skin
  • Protect against sun damage
  • Protects and restores the skin barrier

Extracted from Organically Grown Ingredients

Did you know that non-organic chemical ingredients are potentially invasive to the skin? Careless use may damage and weaken your skin overtime and worsen age spots in the long-run.

Get REAL nutritional benefits from ingredients extracted from organically grown plants.

Because these plants are grown without herbicides and pesticides, their ingredients are also free from that contamination.

No product brings long-lasting results without a solid routine. That’s why we’re offering a FREE Skincare Masterclass (worth $545) to the first 50 women that snag this time-limited offer.

Along with the purchase of C-miracle and E-pigment, you can join Jill Lowe in this FREE 4-hourskincare masterclass. Learn about effective skincare techniques that allow you to naturally regain and preserve that youthful glow

Get customised skincare advice for your skin type and your current routine. Whether you’re a newbie to skin care looking for the essentials or wondering exactly how you can incorporate these products into your current routine, we welcome you!

Who is Jill Lowe?

In 1984, Jill commenced her enterprising career and further developed the so-called "image consulting industry" with her first store in the Singapore Orchard Shopping District. A highly sought-after trainer and speaker since then, she was the first Asian pioneer to develop a special syllabus in professional image training covering topics like managing human capital, image mastery, personal branding and leadership presence-a theme that has been growing in relevance and importance in the market place, schools, clubs and in the family homes as well.

What is C-miracle?

C-Miracle is a potent anti-aging and skin rejuvenation formulation enriched with Vitamin C and E.

This potent formulation provides concentrated anti-oxidants ideal for treating anti-aging and promoting skin renewal.

What is E-pigment?

E PIGMENT is a pharma-peptide infused botanical formulation that eliminates excessive pigmentation in a gentle and soothing way.

The enhanced whitening effect gives your skin a radiant and brighter complexion while protecting against UV and harmful artificial and electronic light.

About Jill Lowe Cosmetics

Jill Lowe Make-Up and Skin-Care Range doesn’t just have the usual cleanser-toner-moisturizer items. We believe that each woman’s skin is unique, demanding, precious, and has a fragmentation of needs.

Our skincare approach aims to solve a “puzzling diversity” with a brilliant line of premium products. These are 100% made in Singapore and innovatively formulated to create great sensory skin textures, with unparalleled results from the best of science and nature!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve tried many different products and treatments... How do I know this will really work?

Seeing is believing... The before/after pictures on this page are all taken from past skincare workshops. These are on-the-spot results within minutes of testing out C-miracle and E-pigment. You can see from these women’s faces just how much more confident and happy they feel after seeing their transformation in the mirror!

If you’re still not sure, you can come down to the workshop and experience this transformation for yourself!

How quickly can I see results?

You can observe an immediate brightening effect within minutes of application. With a consistent routine, you can expect to remove age spots within 14-70 days of regular use.

Can I use E-pigment and C-miracle together with my other skincare products?

Definitely! We understand that a well-rounded skincare routine crafted for each person’s unique skin type is important.

As a general guideline,
     ● After cleansing face and applying toner, apply C Miracle evenly on the face. Day and night use.
     ● Drop 1-2 drops of E PIGMENT on affected areas and gently massage on the face until fully absorbed. Not more than 3 times a day

For more specific information on when and how often to use C-miracle and E-pigment, we highly recommend taking up the free skincare masterclass where Jill Lowe herself can provide customised skin care advice for your skin type and your current routine

How will you deliver these products to me?

Shipping for this product bundle is free island-wide! Of course, if you’re attending our free skin care workshop, you can simply collect your products during the workshop itself.

In fact, Jill Lowe will be guiding you to test out these very products during the skincare workshop-the most effective way to apply and in which order you should incorporate it with any existing skin care routine!

Never “too old” to start taking care of your skin and treat yourself better.

Don’t let your own age bias hold you back. You can get the skincare transformation that you’ve always wanted, but didn’t know was possible.

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E-pigment (worth $168)

C-miracle (worth $168)

4-hour Skincare Master Class with Jill Lowe (worth $545)

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