Indulge yourself with the latest "Qi Flow" TCM Neck Massage that rejuvenates your skin, prevent acne breakouts and gives you a sharper jaw feature in just 1 session!

100% No package and Money Back Guarantee!

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    Most women believed that in order to have glowing skin, they need to take collagen supplements, use multiple “high end” skincare products, or even purchase expensive cosmetics to conceal wrinkles.

    But... is this really the case?

    The truth is, our skin problems are a result of poor overall wellness, particularly our internal health.

    More often than not, this is due to poor blood circulation and clogged lymphatic system (especially around our neck area) because of our stressful lifestyle, deskbound job, insufficient sleep or even poor diet.

    You see, when our lymphatic system is clogged, we cannot remove toxins effectively. As a result, the blood ends up transporting nutrients, oxygen and even toxins to our body! This can be seen in the form of puffy cheeks, bumps, acne and even wrinkles on our face!

    This is why hundreds of women are now looking into unclogging the lymphatic system and enhances blood circulation by taking advantage of this latest “Qi Flow” TCM neck massage to get smoother skin, enhance jaw feature and feel healthier without any unnecessary pain or surgery!

    Indulge yourself with our 60-min TCM neck massage therapy!

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    Get visible, sharper face in just 1 session!

    Using the combination of our natural TCM herbal cream, bianstone and "Qi Flow" massage technique made it all possible.

    The treatment unclogs your lymph node and improves on blood circulation that transport nutrients, oxygen without toxins!

    After the session, you can feel an immediate lift on your face; we'll do an on the spot comparison so that you can see the difference yourself!

    No more hormonal balance and cystic acne!

    Did you know that lymphatic system have a direct correlation with our hormones?

    Most breakout/cystic acne happens because our lymph node is clogged, limiting the flow of progesterone that our body need in order to stabilize hormones.

    You'll be surprised at the difference it makes to the acne redness and how it limits acne growth/breakout after the treatment!

    Say goodbye to neck and shoulder tightness!

    It's not uncommon for us to have tense neck and shoulders due to our clogged lymph node, especially when we have a deskbound job, or even poor diet.

    Now, we'll be confident that after trying out our TCM massage, you'll feel refreshed and lighter!

    In fact, we are so confident with the results you’re going to get...

    We’re going to make you this promise.

    We’ll do one side of your face first to show you the visible difference yourself.

    In an event where you don’t see any difference?

    We’ll refund you 100% of your money back... no question asked.

    *Terms and conditions applies*

    Our Promise To You

    No package

    Yes... you heard that right. In Jiao Feng Tang, we do not have any packages and sales target.

    Rest assured that our theraphist will treat you with respect and focus on your well being first.

    No hard selling

    While we do recommend products to our customer after determining the underlying cause of their issue, we are perfectly comfortable when our customers say no to us.

    We do not employ sales consultant to hard-sell products.

    Non-invasive with zero downtime

    There is no pain, no poking and no downtime at all. Just tried and true herbal ingredients and massage technique.

    In fact, our customers enjoy it because the massage helps them to relax and unwind. 

    Beautician with TCM experience

    Worried about inexperienced staff helping customer with treatment? At Jiao Feng Tang, our team has to go through vigorous training.

    Yes, they must pass internal assessments to ensure consistency before they are qualified to serve our customers!

    See our happy customers who've tried it!

    Here’s why the TCM massage treatment is so effective!

    The combination of 5 natural herbal Cream, TCM techniques and Bianstone tackle straight to the root cause of our internal body—focusing on promoting blood circulation and proper lymphatic drainage.

    Here are the 5 key ingredients:

    Dioscorea Villosa

    The main herb from Spain that is used to promote progesterone & estrogen manufacturing in the lymphatic system. It is proven to help with menstrual cramp

    Echinacea Purpurea

    Shown to improve skin hydration, body’s immunity and reduce wrinkle It also lowers blood sugar and reduce anxiety

    Lycium Barbarum

    Powerful anti-oxidant to fight against harmful free radicals and inflammation. With the ability to promote blood circulation and balance insulin and glucose level.

    Lavender Water

    Lavender water has been proven to reduce the appearance of scars as it can repair damaged skin cells.

    Aloe Vera

    A natural moisturizer that is well loved by ladies! It support the release of collagen in our skin & has anti-oxidant effect to repair sun’s damage, slowing down the aging process

    Combined with Ancient Practice: Bianstone

    If you’re well versed with TCM technique, you probably already know the benefits of Bianstone for our health!

    Bianstone has been a cornerstone of ancient treatment in China, when rub against the body it produce an ultrasonic impulse which is proven to help with lymphatic channels, improve micro circulation, eliminate heat and poison energy.

    Bianstone also purifies the blood vessel from toxins and promote nutritional supply to our organs and skin! Fun fact, did you know even the therapist who is in contact with Bianstone also benefit from the ultrasonic impulse?

    In fact, hundreds of women has already benefitted from it!

    Here’s how your 60-minute session will feel like

    Step 1: Consultation and analysis

    We’ll first do a quick assessment on your skin to see what we need to look out for.

    Step 2: Neck massage using authentic bianstone with JFT herbal cream

    We’ll proceed with the application of JFT herbal cream around your neck, as they have key ingredients to help you with both blood circulation and lymphatic system.

    Afterwards, we will proceed to use our bianstone to further unclog the lymph nodes and remove toxins! This will be painless and comfortable process.

    Step 3: See the difference yourself

    We will then show you the difference from the one side to another. You’ll be shocked to see how effective the combination of Jiao Feng Tang’s herbal cream and Bian stone massage technique is!

    After that, we will continue with the neck massage the other part of your face. You can expect a relaxed experience

    Step 4: Mask treatment

    We’ll add on a mud mask treatment that consistent of the 5 key ingredients for you on your stomach area OR Thigh area.

    Frequent digestion issue? We’ll recommend mud mask treatment on your stomach area.

    Muscle ache consistently on your thigh area? You would prefer the treatment to be on your thigh area.

    But not to worry, our beautician with TCM experience will make suitable recommendation to you based on your need, the initial analysis.

    Step 5: Goodbye to tenses shoulder, neck, puffy face and toxins!

    Now you’re done, and you can probably feel the lighter version of you! Sharper jaw line, no more tightness on your neck, or shoulder

    And no, it’s not magic or gimmicks. It’s the experiences in unclogging our lymph nodes that removes impurities and promote optimal blood flow!

    Step 6: [BONUS] Free Sub-optimal body analysis

    Most people thought appearance is due to aging, but little do they know the impact of aging is related to your internal body’s health!

    That is why, we want to throw in this bonus, complimentary machine analysis that can provide brief diagnosis of your body’s sub-health like digestive issues, liver and kidney problems.

    About us

    Jiao Feng Tang was recently established to educate and teach consumers on the TCM method of staying healthy and beautiful rather than relying on medicine or surgery.

    Our staff has been specifically trained by Taiwanese TCM teachers with one goal in mind: To assist women in regaining their beauty, confidence, and inner health through natural methods that do not involve invasive surgery or pain.

    Every month, we close operations for a full day to review and analyze customer feedback in order to improve our services. More importantly, we make certain that all of our beauticians are well-trained and have up-to-date skill sets to serve our customers.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I know I have clogged lymphatic system and needed this neck massage?

    Almost every one of us has a clogged lymphatic system and poor blood circulation due to our current fast-paced lifestyle. But there are certainly some general symptoms to determine if you’ve clogged lymphatic system.

    • Cold hands and feet (This is common!)
    • Tight neck and shoulders from
    • Getting tired easily
    • Feel tired, even after long rest
    • Water retention on your cheeks area
    • Frequent skin allergies or bumps in some areas

    If you have this symptoms above, give this TCM massage a try, you're also entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't see any visible result. 100% risk free for you!

    I’ve heard of Bianstone, but does it really work?

    Yes! Of course, it has been proven to work due to the ultrasound vibration it produce. A little fun fact, did you know that the theraphist that helps you also reap the benefit as well?

    What if the massage is so relaxing that I want to purchase a package?

    Unfortunately we do not offer any packages. If you’re interested, you can come back again as and when you wish to indulge yourself to our “Qi Flow” TCM neck massage.

    Are you sure, why is it so cheap?

    The reason why we’re launching this promotion is to let as many people to try and benefit from this treatment.

    Here's what we believe, if you've benefited greatly from this treatment, you'll recommend your friends and family to try out our service. This is also one of the reasons why we do not hard-sell and sell packages.

    The reason why it's cheap is that we recently opened in Singapore. Because we are so confident about our product or service, we launched this promotion at only $19.90 if you paid online because if we did a good job, you're going to recommend your family and friends over!

    Is this Neck Massage Suitable for everyone?

    Even though our neck massage uses natural ingredients, we do not advise you to try out this treatment if you're pregnant. (For precautious purpose)

    I have sensitive skin, do you recommend me to try this?

    Of course! The herbal cream we'll be applying is all-natural herbs. And we promise that it'll be a comfortable, no-pressure 60 min you'll ever feel!

    Does the "Qi Flow" TCM massage hurts?

    No, the massage will be a painless process. Some of our customer even fall asleep the whole 60 minutes because it’s simply too comfortable!

    By now, you can see why you should take advantage of our new "Qi Flow" TCM neck massage to get smoother skin, enhance your jaw feature and feel healthier without unnecessary pain, hard sell or packages.

    But we get it, you might not be fully convinced that this treatment will really give you the benefits you want. That's ok!

    Instead of going on and on about how good the treatment is, we will encourage you to try out and see for yourself how we can genuinely help you achieve it through focusing on your internal health.

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