Is your air purifier at home really effective?

Oxford University researchers reveals how this air purifier with DNO technology can keep family safe at home — kill and convert 99.9% of Pollutants, Bacteria and Viruses (even corona virus!)

Studies have shown that indoor air quality is 5 times worse than outdoor due to its ventilation. This means that the airs we breathe are full of pollutants, bacteria and viruses.

While most air purifier is used to combat indoor air quality, you probably already know most household brand uses ionizer, ultraviolet and HEPA filter


Are they really effective?

You see, they might trap particles in the filter, but they are unable to remove the smallest and most dangerous particles. These are the Ozone gases that we aren't unable to see, feel, or touch. A small amount inhalation can result in chest pain, coughing, shortness of breath, and throat irritation. 

Worse, most family members are unaware that they are inhaling such gases. Prolonged inhalation will aggravate respiratory diseases such as asthma, weaken the body's ability to fight respiratory infections, and may even permanently damage the lungs!

Air quality is more important than we previously thought, and this is especially true when we have elderly or children at home whom we love and protect.

This is why a team of scientist at Oxford University has research and creates this air purifier with DNO technology that captures, kill and convert pollutants, bacteria and viruses into harmless by product of water, carbon dioxide and oxygen!

Yes, they even kill coronavirus and ozone gas.

Introducing HA500 Air Purification System

100% Safe

Thinking about removing odor, harmful particles? This is as close as it get.

No second contamination or ozo

All the particles that go through our DNO technology are converted into oxygen, water and carbon dioxide!

You don’t have to risk second contamination, and inhale ozone gas that is harmful to our health.

Enjoy fresh air and reduce foul smell

With one air purification system, you can enjoy and full protection from living room, to kitchen all the way to each of our personal room.

This means clean, fresh air for all your family members at home without the risk of irritation, shortness of breath and impure pollutants.

Ideal size

Air purifier with such power are usually more bulky for home uses.

With the dimension of AxBxC we are just

What is D-Orbital Nano oxide (DNO) Technology

Developed by a team of oxford research over the past 10 years, leading in the field of catalyst development While most HEPA filter is able to trap particles, It’s common for HEPA filter to miss out on smaller particles that are harmful to our health. The patented DNO catalyst allows air to pass through, and catches the smallest and deadlier contamination, activated carbon inside the DNO filter will also absorb and remove odor from homes!

Here’s how it can provide you odorless, clean air with our 4-step filtration process

Stage One:

Primary Filter 

The polluted air, viruses and germs first go through this easy to remove filter that prevents the internal filters from being “clogged” through large particles. Don’t worry though, this can be removed and cleaned easily.

Stage Two:

Medical Grade HEPA (H13) Filter

Our combined HEPA filter uses two HEPA filters insequence, which removes dust, pollen and dander. These are medical grade H13 filters that remove 99.95% of particles at 0.1 microns or larger. This traps large particles which are present in every home, such as pollen, dust, animal dander and others

Using 2 medical grade H13 Hepa filter to remove up to 99.95% of dust, pollen and dander 0.1 microns or larger. This traps harmful particles that are presented in every home

Stage Three:

DNO Filter

An airborne particle that passes through the HEPA filter is destroyed after going through our patented DNO catalytic filters. The technology is designed to destroy all biological and chemical pollutants such as H1N1 Virus (influenza A), Corona virus 99.99% and 99.89% of harmful Ozone layers!

Stage One:


What about the 0.01% of the airborne particles that escapes through? Well, this is exactly why we use an ionizer — sending them back to the DNO filter to repeat stage 3 process.

As a result, the purifier emits clean, safe, and healthy air that families can enjoy, relax, and breathe without irritation or risk to their health. This is the closest thing to breathing fresh air on a beach or in a quiet forest wooded area!

Don’t take our word for it, see the scientific research and clinical studies done

Killing Ozone gases such as:

SOx (Sulphur dioxide): 99.8%,
NOx (Nitrogen dioxide): 99.6%
VOC (Formaldehyde): 97.4%

Killing up to 99.99% of corona virus


What’s the size of HA500Air purifier?

Our dimensions are:

It’s a good size, without being too bulky and you’re able to cover your unit with just a single healthy air 500 purifier around 170m2.

My home is larger than 170m2, any other recommendations?

We also have HA800, which has coverage of 370m2

Any warranty for HealthyAir 500 purifier?

Yes, we provide 1-year warranty for your air purifier

How loud is the HealthyAir 500 Purifier?

We have 5 levels of noise based on 5 different speeds.

  • Speed 1: 31.1dB (soft whisper)
  • Speed 2: 39.7dB (quiet office
  • Speed 3: 44.7dB (quiet office)
  • Speed 4: 47.3dB (quiet office)
  • Speed 5: 51dB (normal conversation)

I’m concerned about the electric consumption it takes to operating this air purifier

We have done our calculation, assuming that families are using it for 24/7for 30 days, the monthly bills only add up to $7.50 a month!

This also assumes that we are operating at the highest power

About US

Gaia meditech is the main distributor of HealthyAir and DNO Technology air purifier.


By now you should already know how Healthy Air 500 air purifier can help you to breathe quality air and kill 99.99 of the germs including the smallest particle.

Health is our greatest asset, and it’s more than important to invest in something that can protect not only ourselves but the people we love—our spouse, our parents and our child.

Its okay if you still have your doubt, which is why we would love to invite you for this free consultation where you can:

Understand better about the harmful pollutants around your vicinity

How Healthy Air 500 can really help you breathe better

Where are the key points that you should look out for at home

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