“I’m doing all that I can... what more can I try?”

If you’ve hit a wall in your own self-work but you’re not ready to throw in the towel, this is for you

You’ve already done the homework. Unlike most who hope that everything in life magically falls into place, you actively take actions to maximise the outcome.

Whether it be in the arena of career, relationship or life, you believe that a growth mindset goes a long way.

But at some point, you may have hit a wall. Despite the hard work and effort at bettering oneself, getting to where you want sometimes doesn’t seem to be solely up to us.

There may be partners or coworkers, bosses or even family who unknowingly act as wet blankets, people around you who don’t seem to share the same goals or aren't willing to accept your olive branches. Sometimes, even maintaining passivity to avoid provocation and conflict feels like a tall order.

You may have even started to wonder if it’s simply not in your nature to feel fulfilled. 

But that’s not the case. 

The truth is, what really holds us back is not any lack of ability, but rather our lack of perspective.

Most people, when they find themselves stuck, look to getting more knowledge. Articles, books or seminars on how to be more confident, charismatic, productive, likeable-that is all good, except that it cannot get us beyond the superficial epiphanies. 

As you may already have found out, it is not about gobbling up more knowledge. After all, we can’t work on what we can’t see. 

As bestselling author and speaker Author Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues”. If so, then coaching seems to be a recurring clue amongst leaders around the world, including Bill Gates, Barack Obama, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman and many more.

All of them are top performers in their respective fields who see the value in having a coach on their side as a sounding board to facilitate their progress.

If you’ve found that working hard has become more of a source of distress than fulfilment, then you may want to consider working with me

hi I’m El,

Associate Certified Coach (NCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and Newfield Certified Coach (NCC)

I wasn’t always Ellery the life coach. My first love - and talent - was for animation.

My entrepreneurial journey began way back in 2005 when I co-founded Animagine with two of my good friends from poly. That was also the same year that Singapore’s Ministry of Defense commissioned us to meaningfully engage the public with Total Defence.

So we created N.E. mation!, the biggest and longest running (until today!) annual animation competition in Singapore. This is a competition where secondary school students around Singapore could share their own stories about Total Defence from their perspective, through animation

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We would train them from scratch to create animated short films of broadcast quality. The works have been broadcast nation-wide during prime time slots, on Channel 5, 8, Suria, Vansantham, free-to-air channels on mass transports, and on the big screens of Golden Village cinemas.

This is also where I was first exposed to others’ stories and perspectives-through my work as a trainer and facilitator for the students who were looking to express their stories through animation.

While I started out teaching animation to teens and young adults, I eventually had to work up to training and leading other instructors as our operations expanded. 

My work got further and further away from animation and more towards helping others with becoming more effective mentors, leaders and teachers

There was a lot of weight on my shoulders because my words and actions were not only influencing those I trained, but those who learned and worked with them as well.

This slowly unearthed my passion and talent for developing human capital, leading me to life coaching.

Hear straight from those I've helped

When I was first introduced to coaching, I was doubtful about the idea of it as I knew nothing much about it and could not imagine the great impact it would have on my life. I also imagined it to be quite scary to open up to someone with my own thoughts (that I tend to judge myself for).

This is why a good coach is very important and I am so glad I met El. He always manages to create a very safe space for me to speak up and he has made my journey of self-work more enjoyable than I imagined it to be. Every session leaves me more curious and excited to work on the areas that initially felt so entangled and heavy. 

The greatest benefit I got from our coaching would be the ability to replace harmful self criticisms with acceptance and love. This single internal change alone has brought many visible results in different aspects of my life–my emotional and mental health, productivity at work and my relationships. 

So, THANK YOU EL! You’re a really awesome coach and inspiring person. My self-work will continue because of you. Keep doing what you do

Tan Hui-Ling | Singapore

Area General Manager, Nefful International

Coach El has helped me move away from my All or Nothing attitude in my professional life by providing me with easy-to-use tools and a range of possible outcomes to focus on rather than a weakly perceived, rigid one. 

The main tools are my body language, breathing exercise and posture when I engage with my clients, candidates and colleagues. The sessions help me to align what my brain wants and how I can tap my body language as well as verbal language effectively to achieve the desired outcomes. 

Coach El has helped me through a difficult and frustrating second half of 2020 caused by the global pandemic as each session has been freeing in helping me ‘see’ that different outcomes can be seen with positivity. The rigidity and short-sightedness of the previous lens I used to ‘wear’ has been slowly replaced by a softer, gentler and more flexible pair of glasses through which I try and view the world today. Thanks a ton, Coach El

Jag Dhaliwall | Malaysia / Singapore

Co-founder & Managing Director, Principal Partners

What makes my coaching reliable

Personal life experience as an entrepreneur and coachee

Civil Rights Activist and Poet Maya Angelou once quoted an African Proverb “be careful of the naked man who offers you his shirt”. How would life coaching work with a coach who has neither been coached nor experienced the process from a client’s point of view?

Solely being able to empathise with my client’s circumstances isn’t enough. In fact, it can easily be a double-edged sword. Most of the time, being able to relate means your coach or even just a friend can easily project their biases when responding to you.

That’s why I personally spent half a year with my own ontological coach, gaining awareness of my own limiting beliefs and potential biases.

This, in combination with being able to empathise as an entrepreneur and recovering perfectionist is what makes me reliable and trustworthy to my clients.

Progress-oriented sessions

While looking to make big changes, it’s common to find it hard to move past the “reflection” and “planning” stage to the “action” stage.

That’s why in all my sessions with my clients, you can expect:

  • Clear insight into a problem or obstacle you may be currently facing
  • To achieve a clear goal at the end of each session that ties into an overarching goal or result you’re looking for
  • Actionables that can immediately be put into practice during the session itself(unless they involve interaction with specific people in the coachee’s life)

This is not the same as counselling or therapy.

Where counselling and therapy can be effective for those looking to heal from a complicated or traumatic past, coaching is about the present and how we can make progress (whatever progress means in your terms) from here.

Indeed, a deep-dive into the past may be therapeutic and helpful towards gaining clarity, it can be counter-productive towards progression because we can get stuck justifying why we have aright to be held back

Feedback from a neutral, third-person perspective

“Hey, we need to talk.”

Sounds scary right? Whether this is from a friend, family or boss, we often don’t feel safe when others seek us out this way.

That’s because getting feedback at this point feels like it’s already too late, even if it is illuminating for “doing better next time”.

But If you’re thinking something like “I don’t know what more I can do” or “I really don’t know where I’m going wrong”, that’s when self-work has hit a standstill.

Perhaps you're constantly arguing about the same things with a partner despite trying to compromise or communicating better, or working harder or longer hours to impress people who don’t seem to acknowledge your efforts. 

In this case, having a third-party to ping pong off is what helps you see things from a wider range of perspectives. Having me as a human mirror can help you break out of the endless cycle of patience and hard work that produce less-than-ideal results.


More from others

Hi Ellery, just wanted to say a big “thank you” on your coaching over the past few months.

I’m glad that I have decided to work with you. It is really great how easy to be open with you to share with you my thoughts and in the process, you are sharp and could identify with me the perspectives that I didn’t see for myself. It’s like I have a mirror now to look at the blind spots that I have missed or undiscovered.

Your coaching has also helped me to reconnect and realigned deeply with my thoughts, which brings CLARITY that has moved me to be effective in life, in areas of my work, in my relationships and my confidence. In applying simple techniques that you shared with me, I overcame the anxiety to speak with people of higher social status.

Thank you again and would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a great coach, who wants to better themselves. Cheer

Richard Woo | Singapore

Senior Financial Consultant, Prudential Assurance Company

I started my first coaching experience with El since November 2019 I remember I felt instantly connected to El on my first session and I felt safe to open up to someone fully for the first time.

As someone who is always looking to improve myself as a person, I have spent at least hundreds of hours on self help books and videos but El managed to provide me with realisations about myself and practical steps on how to overcome each limiting thoughts/belief in just a short 2 hours session.

El has helped me make many breakthroughs that I didn’t know I needed. Through my experiences with him, I felt that the methods and guidance that was provided by El are very personalized to my own life and needs. He has helped me find out limiting thoughts and beliefs I have that were buried deep in me.

Till date, I have only done 7 sessions with El and I have gained more value than I expected. They have manifested in my business, my relationship with my loved ones and most importantly, the relationship with myself. When I look back at where I was before coaching to where I am now, I am very thankful to have El as my coach as I can feel the effort and heart he puts in during each session and I see the importance of coaching and the importance of finding the right coach. Elis definitely the coach I can trust !

Andy Yeo | Singapore

Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapist, Optimus Animal Rehabilitation

Frequently asked questions

Can you really help me achieve my goals?

Yes, as long as you are aware of something that needs to be improved or changed (it doesn't have to be concrete, that's for us to work through) and are open for me to help you through it.

How are you different from other life coaches?

Where most life coaches only work through speech, the ontological framework that I use works with three aspects-language, emotions and the physical body.

Language: what you say to others and to yourself
Emotion: what motivates you to do anything and everything
Body: the physical and visual part of you that is felt and seen by yourself and others

This is a huge advantage!

When working only through language (speech), we can easily get stuck in our own logical space where they are talking themselves into inaction.

Fortunately, I can help my clients make sense of what they are facing and devise their own way forward by examining and working with their emotions and the way they “hold” themselves.

Why can’t I just rely on self-help books or videos?

Depending on the self-help material, such resources can definitely be a source of knowledge and motivation for progress. However, some may find it limiting in that it doesn’t actually move us into action.

More practical self-help methods or step-by-step may also fall short as preconceived solutions that aren’t adapted to individual realities.

Although being able to get results quickly and simply sounds enticing, reality isn’t that straightforward.

The responses I give and the strategies and actionables we co-create are solely based on what I observe from my interactions with you, without prior assumptions about your situation.

I don’t have a clear or concrete goal to achieve, can I still benefit from coaching?

Effective coaching can take place as long as you are aware that there is something you need to improve or change, and you are open to have me help you through it. Moulding a concrete goal and figuring out actionables to get there is part of our process. In fact, part of my work is helping you gain new awareness of your obstacles and goals.

How do I know if I really need coaching?

Nobody really needs coaching, but you can definitely benefit from it as long as you are open to receiving help. I am very sure that all my clients are fully capable of reaching their goals by themselves, but it’s a matter of how long and how difficult the path towards success (whatever it means to them) would be.

Do you offer online sessions?

Yes. I can easily work through video call, so it doesn’t matter which part of the globe you are on

Pride is the enemy of progress

Myth: asking for help is a sign that you are “broken” or there is something wrong with you.

Truth: people who seek out coaching (and are willing to be coached) are typically healthy, driven individuals who are just looking for a foothold towards progression.

Being talented, capable and motivated doesn’t mean you have to know everything or do everything by yourself. It’s about leaving pride at the door and being open to additional support and resources. 

Of course, it’s true that I may not be the best fit for everyone out there.

That’s why I’m offering a free coaching session to test our chemistry and for you to experience my style of work first-hand.

This is a free-of-charge, real 2-hour coaching session where I don’t hold anything back. After the session, you are free to decide whether or not you want to continue working with me, without obligations.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Immediate insight into what’s holding you back from getting where you want to be
  • Guaranteed new awareness of new courses of action you can take
  • Co-create actionable strategies that you can put into effect immediately

Simply fill in the form below to book an appointment with me and I will contact you as soon as I can.

    Of course, it’s true that I may not be the best fit for everyone out there.

    That’s why I’m offering a free coaching session for you to get to experience my style of work first-hand.

    This is a free-of-charge, real 2-hour coaching session where I don’t hold anything back. After the session, you are free to decide whether or not you want to continue working with me, without obligations

    Here’s what you can expect:

    • Immediate insight into what’s holding you back from getting where you want to be
    • Guaranteed new awareness of new courses of action you can take
    • Co-create actionable strategies that you can put into effect immediately

    Simply fill in the form below to book an appointment with me and I will contact you as soon as I can.