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We're having a National Day 1-for-1 Promo for Beginner and Intermediate Chinese Language Courses for the Month of August!

Bring a Friend and get a 10-class Chinese Language Course for You and your Plus 1 at just $600 (U.P. $1100)*!

*note that this is not available for Business Language Courses.

The best part about attending language classes with your friend? You get to practice speaking and interacting with someone you feel the most comfortable with!

This is limited to the first 20 pairs, so first come first serve!

Who Are We

Edupedia is a one stop language and corporate training centre. We offer a wide range of language courses from beginner to advanced level, as well as IELTS (Yes, we teach English too!) and HSK preparation courses.

All our tutors have masters degrees in Teaching Chinese as an International language.

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More Reasons to Choose Us

Get an Internationally Recognised HSK Certification

If you’re looking to get a HSK certification for work, study in a Chinese university or just to stack your resume, we’ve got you covered.

As long as you’re part of our HSK course, Edupedia’s student support team will continue to help you with registration and preparation. You don’t have to do the legwork yourself.

Practice Speaking Chinese in a Safe Space

Learning a new language can be a daunting task.

But interacting with others in Chinese is the best way to pickup the language - by practicing correct pronunciation and exposing yourself to different vocabulary.

At Edupedia we make sure you’re fitted to the right level and tutor, with classmates that are likely facing the same learning struggles as you!

Resources Come at No Additional Charge

Aside from the registration and course fees, there are no additional hidden costs or GST.

That means your course books, work books and any other practice and learning resources are covered by the school!

Why Learn Chinese?

Bilingual Mandarin-English Speakers are in High Demand

There are over 7000 MNCs based in Singapore today and that number continues to grow.

Talents who can speak Mandarin as a second language are more and more in demand, and will be afforded more opportunities in the workplace.

Second Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

Mandarin gives you access to 1.4 billion humans' worth of business, learning, cultural and education opportunities.

And if you’re temporarily living in Singapore where the majority speaks Mandarin as a second language, what better time to learn and practice Chinese now?

Not as Difficult as You Think

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly complex writing system.

Research suggests that you’ll only need around 2,500 characters to be able to read almost 98 percent of everyday written Chinese.

The Chinese language also has

  • no gender-based forms like in Spanish
  • no plural/singular words like in English
  • no tenses or verb conjugations

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