Tired of second-guessing your words? Or relying heavily on Google Translate? This is for you.

Beginner, Intermediate and Business Courses for Adults-Boost your English Speaking and Writing Skills in as quickly as 2 months

Do you feel like your personality becomes much more reserved when you have to speak in English?

Or had to cut short your sentences because you can’t find the words?

Or perhaps you always feel the need to explain twice because somehow, the other person can’t seem to understand what you’re saying?

Cr. Modern Family

It shouldn’t be this way.

Imagine that you could express yourself in English just as well as you do in your native language. Feel seen and heard by your peers and participate actively in important conversations (both in casual and work settings)-all without the need to Google translate.

It’s possible to learn to speak English fluently to impress, and even get ahead of your peers, even if you’re completely new!

All within a short 2-3 months.

Introducing Edupedia’s English Language Courses for Adults

Flexible Scheduling for the Busy Working Adult

Choose between online and physical lessons

Our teachers are experienced at conducting hybrid classes with both online and offline students.

Of course we still encourage you to attend the class for interaction with the teacher and students.

No homework unless you request additional resources for self-revision. All exercises are done in-class only!

Rolling Business English classes where you can learn advanced, industry-specific phrases.

Tutors with >10 years experience in teaching English as a second language

Myth: Native English speakers are the best when it comes to teaching English.

Truth: When it comes to empathising with the frustrations and the common pitfalls of picking up English as a second-language in adulthood, who better to teach than someone who’s successfully overcome these exact challenges themselves?

Armed with more than 10 years of experience with teaching English as a second language, plus fluency in speaking Chinese, we’re confident in providing a comfortable and efficient learning experience to our enthusiastic students!

10 students to 1 class for a good balance of tutor support and class interaction

After rigorous testing, we found the 10 student to 1 teacher ratio is ideal for the right balance of tutor to student support and interaction between students.

After all, the best way to learn is to practice in a safe and judgement-free space.

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We  Specialise In 

Beginner Course

Join other newbies to learn conversational English in a safe, judgement-free space.

Intermediate Course

Take your English speaking to the next level.

Business Course

Rolling topic-based classes to learn industry-specific technical terms


We have a track record of helping students score 7-7.5 for their IELTS courses.

More Reasons to Choose Us

Guaranteed to fit you in the right course

In the unlikely event that you find your course too difficult for you, we offer a one-time course change at no additional administrative charge. All you have to do is cover an additional $15 for your course materials and we’ll settle the rest.

No hidden fees

We practise 100% transparency. $530 is our flat fee for the full 10lesson course ($580 for IELTS course)s No hidden registration charge, admin charge, material free etc.

Safe, Judgement-free space

Our tutors are well-trained to ensure no student is left out or left behind.

Not Sure Where You Fit In ?

No problem. Edupedia offers a free diagnostic test to assess your Englissh language levels to make sureyou only go to the class level that best fits your learning needs.

And if at any point you find yourself uncomfortable with the class difficulty level or teaching method, Edupedia offers a one-time reassessment to fit you into a different class, no admin fees necessary.

All you have to do is cover an additional $15 for your course materials and we’ll settle the rest

About Edupedia

Edupedia is a one stop language and corporate training centre. We offer a wide range of language courses from beginner to advanced level, as well as IELTS (Yes, we teach English too!) and HSK preparation courses.

All our tutors have masters degrees in Teaching English as an International language.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any course requirements?

Our classes are open to adults of all ages, nationalities and different walks of life. Whether you’re alreadyan English speaker looking to pick up vocabulary for business purposes or you’ve never spoken a word ofEnglish in your life, we have a class dedicated for your learning needs.

What is the class size like?

Classes are a hybrid of online and offline students, with no more than 10 students per 1 tutor.

Can I consult the teacher outside of class?

Definitely! We’re eager to provide extra help and resources to those who proactively reach out to us. If you’re engaging with others in English on a day-to-day basis, there’s bound to be questions or clarification required. When that happens, you can always drop us a text and our teachers will get back to you quickly!

How do you charge?

Our course fees are a one-time payment of $530 for a 10-class package. This includes:

  • all course materials (course books, workbooks and other learning materials)
  • extra chat and learning support with our tutors outside of class time
  • attendance certificate to prove that you've successfully completed your English course

 There are no hidden fees. In fact, we’re even waiving all registration fees ($30) for the next three months!

What if I can’t make it for the lessons?

Our top priority is always your learning and practical needs. For the busy working adult, scheduling conflicts are likely to happen.

That’s why our classes are designed to keep this flexibility in mind!

● Option for online classes
● All recorded sessions
● Rolling business classes (that means can choose which class you want to attend, you don’t have to come in weekly)
● You can reassess your learning needs and get assigned to a different class at no extra charge

● No homework, only in-class assignments

Why shouldn’t I learn this on my own? There are a lot of free resources online

Interacting with others in English is the best way to pick up the language by practising correct pronunciation and exposing yourself to different vocabulary.

Our classes not only provide a safe space for you to practice and make mistakes, you’ll get immediate corrections on your pronunciation and sentence structure as well.

Do you teach any other languages?

Yes, we teach Chinese too!

Edupedia is a one stop language and corporate training centre. We offer a wide range of language Englishand Chinese courses from beginner to advanced level, as well as IELTS and HSK preparation courses.

But this is not the end. We will be introducing other language courses soon, so stay tuned!

Language isn’t learnt overnight. It requires dedicated time and consistent practice. The moment an opportunity slips through your fingers because you’re not comfortable speaking English, it’s already too late!

Simply fill in the form below to start on your free placement test to check which class is the most suitable for you

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