Latest SHR technology that guarantees painless and long-lasting Bikini Line hair removal

Using Japanese guidelines & standards to help you achieve smooth & hairless skin ‘down there’

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Here is what you can expect after just 1 session:

  • Guaranteed hair fall around bikini area after 2 week
  • No redness, irritation, or ingrown hair after treatment
  • Slower hair growth with softer and finer hair

Hi girls,

If there’s anything more annoying than seeing hair poking out of your bikini area, it’s getting ‘bikini bumps’ and ingrown hairs from shaving and waxing.

As you probably already know, the sharp metal blade of your shaver can lead to cuts, red and irritated skin, and even ingrown hairs. Waxing may be a more efficient solution, but the effects are not permanent. It can also be very painful since your hair is essentially being torn out by the root!

It makes you wonder: What’s the point of grooming my bikini area if it makes the skin there red and irritated anyway?

Well, what if you could groom the hair around your most sensitive area without risking razor burn? And without the tearing pain from waxing?

Introducing Datsumo Labo’s SHR treatment that painlessly removes hair from your bikini line!

SHR uses gentle pulses of light that target hair follicles at the root, effectively destroying hair-producing cells in a safe and painless way.

The result? Your unwanted hair will fall out naturally, leaving behind smooth and beautiful skin!

Even better, active hair follicles targeted by the SHR pulses will not grow back*. With consistent treatments, you can expect drastically slower hair growth, finer and softer hairs, and less hair around the bikini area in general. Depending on the individual, you might not even need to shave again for at least a year!

* A minority of our clients may experience some fine hair growth a few years after the initial treatments due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, menopause, or ageing.

What Can I Expect

100% Guaranteed Hair Removal

Wondering how effective a ‘painless’ treatment can be in removing unwanted hair?

SHR gets results because it uses pulses of light at high frequency (20Hz or 20 shots per second) to directly target melanin AND the hair-producing stem cells.

The light pulses are gentle but rapid, causing energy to accumulate. This accumulated energy is absorbed by melanin and converted to heat, which permanently destroys the cells responsible for hair growth.

With the cells gone, hair will not grow–allowing you to enjoy smooth and hairless skin.

Safe and Painless Even For Sensitive Areas

SHR technology is FDA-approved and totally safe for your skin.

You will feel some minor heat from the light pulses during treatment, but it is otherwise painless. Plus, our specially formulated Princess Gel has a cooling and moisturizing property that will protect your skin from the heat.

If you have ever felt reluctant to try hair removal near your sensitive areas, this painless treatment is perfect for you!

More Effective Than IPL-Works On All Skin and Hair Types

Light and fine hair? Tanned or darker skin? No problem!

IPL has reduced effectiveness on light hair as it mainly targets the melanin in dark and coarse hair.

But the shorter wavelengths of SHR (around 690nm) can be absorbed not only by melanin, but also reach hair-producing stem cells in the skin, making it effective on both light and dark hair.

Furthermore, while IPL’s light can damage and burn tanned or darker skin, SHR’s lower intensity light pulses are gentle enough to prevent redness or irritation on any skin type.

Expert Handling From Trained Specialists

You don’t want to trust inexperienced beauticians around your most sensitive areas.

Our experienced specialists have an average of 8 years’ experience in the beauty industry, and all go through at least 4 weeks of training to perform the SHR procedure correctly.

They are trained to go over your skin thoroughly with the SHR device. For maximum coverage and effectiveness, they will go over the treated skin 2 times to make sure the light pulses destroy unwanted hair-producing cells.

Why choose Datsumo Labo?

To give you the best experience, all of our hair removal specialists strictly follow Japanese guidelines and standards and go through at least 4 weeks of training before they are certified to perform the SHR treatment.

And yes, we do have Japanese specialists at each of our outlets who ensure that all standards are strictly adhered to!

We promise no hardselling tactics, and we will never force you to buy packages that you don’t want or need.

What others have to say/ our 5 star reviews

Our Process

Step 1: Preparation at Home

Do shave the body area to be treated in advance before you come for treatment. The SHR procedure can only be done after you have shaved. If you are unable to do so, we offer shaving assistance at $5-15 depending on the area shaved.

Step 2: Consultation

Our staff will speak with you to better understand your hair type, hair volume, and skin condition. They can then develop a hair removal plan that is perfectly tailored to you.

Step 3: Pre-Treatment Care

We will apply our specially formulated Princess Gel to the body area to be treated. This cooling gel will protect your skin from irritation and heat released during the treatment.

Step 4: Hair Removal Treatment

Following strict Japanese guidelines and standards, our specialists use SHR technology to direct light pulses over the treatment area, ensuring minimal pain with maximum effectiveness.

Step 5: Post-Treatment Care

To wrap up the session, we’ll apply some after-treatment gel or use cooling towels to soothe your skin. After treatment, do avoid activities that will cause you to perspire, avoid alcohol, and ensure the treated area is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day. This will help you avoid potential skin problems.


It’s my first time, what should I do to prepare?

You will need to shave the affected body areas at least 1 day before your hair removal treatment. This ensures maximum effectiveness of hair removal. If you tend to suffer from razor burns, do shave at least 1 week before the treatment.

If you are unable to shave for any reason, we offer shaving assistance at a fee of $5-$15 depending on the area you need to shave.

Will there be any pain?

We promise minimal to no pain. During treatment, you will only feel some minor heat from the SHR equipment. You don’t have to worry as we will also apply our specially formulated cooling gel to protect your skin.

If you do feel some pain, our staff can lower the intensity of the light pulses. This may cause your treatment to take longer to complete.

What is the difference between waxing, IPL and SHR?

Waxing may feel good because it gives instant results, but it does not remove unwanted hair permanently. Furthermore, the waxing process can be quite painful even if done correctly.

SHR and IPL use the same technology, but SHR is widely considered an upgrade of IPL in almost every way. SHR uses light pulses with a shorter wavelength and lower temperature to target your hair follicles more efficiently with minimal pain.

How long does it take to see results?

SHR requires maintenance and upkeep to see the best results. However, you will be able to see unwanted hairs fall out around the bikini area just 2 weeks after your first session. The hair will also start to grow more slowly and sparsely as compared to before.

It takes up to 12 sessions to get the best permanent results. At this stage, very few hairs will be left and will mostly be very short and fine, barely visible. Hair growth will also slow down drastically.

Why can’t SHR destroy all of the hair at one go?

Hair grows in stages. At any given time, we will have some ‘inactive’ hair follicles that cannot be targeted by the treatment. However, they will become active over time. The hair follicles can be destroyed then, preventing unwanted hair growth.

Will there be any hard selling?

No, there will not be any hard selling. We take pride in the quality of our services and will not push you to go for packages that you don’t want or need.

How long is 1 session?

Each session takes about 30 mins.

If shaving assistance is required, it will take 45mins.

If you prefer the procedure to be done at a lower intensity of light, the session may take up to 1 hr.

About Us

An established hair removal salon from Japan, we have opened over 50 outlets globally. We specialize in full-body laser hair removal that is safe yet powerful enough to achieve near-permanent hair removal.

Our goal is very simple: To give you the confidence in your body that silky-smooth, hairless skin can bring!

Achieve Smooth and Hairless Skin Without Pain Or Discomfort

If you’re tired of shaving every 2-3 days...

If you don’t want to deal with the painful tearing sensation of waxing, especially so near sensitive body parts...

If you have sensitive skin that is easily irritated by shaving and waxing...

Try 1 session of our SHR Bikini Line package today!

Special Promotion: Enjoy 1 session of Datsumo Labo’s SHR Bikini Line package at 2 Exclusive Areas (Front Hip and I Line) for only $49! (U.P $176, $88/area.)

Only 100 coupons to be claimed. Simply fill in your details to claim this promotion now!

Here is what you can expect after just 1 session:

  • Guaranteed hair fall around bikini area after 2 week
  • No redness, irritation, or ingrown hair after treatment
  • Slower hair growth with softer and finer hair

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