Cryo Vitalite Facelift Visibly Tightens and LiftsSkin In Just 1 Session

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Here is what you can expect after just 1 session:

  • See visible reduction in wrinkles, crow lines and smile lines!
  • Look young and radiant with smoother and tighter skin
  • Healthy-looking and brightercomplexion
  • No pain, downtime, redness or irritation

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    *T&Cs apply

    This happy customer of ours looks at least four shades brighter and five years younger in ONE session!

    Give Your Face A Workout And Lift Sagging Skin

    Have you ever been afraid to smile in photos because you know that your smile lines and crows’ feet will become obvious?

    This happens because our facial muscles weaken as we age, causing sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

    But...what if you could ‘exercise’ these muscles to make them stronger and firmer?

    It’s really possible.
    Similar to how regular exercise works, Cryo Vitalite Facelift uses a microcurrent to break down old cells to make them stronger, stimulating cell growth while triggering collagen production.

    It uses extremely low voltage electrical pulses that alternately contract and relax your facial muscles–equivalent to giving your face a gym workout or a 2km run!

    The result? Firm, tight and younger-looking skin!

    See Results For Yourself!

    Bonus: Choose 1 of 2 Extra Cryo Treatments

    Cryo Soften – For a softer, smoother complexion

    Shrinks and tightens pores while boosting hydration. Also shrinks capillary blood vessels on the face due to genetics, ageing or over exposure to sun.

    Cryo Soften – For a softer, smoother complexion

    Nourishes skin with concentrated oxygen molecules and help skin retain 2x the moisture. Soothes inflamed, sensitive and itchy skin by constricting tissue and restricting blood flow to the area.

    Why Choose Cryo Vitalite Facelift?

    Achieve V-lift and Tighten Skin

    Cryo Vitalite Facelift helps you achieve the contoured V shape face that you’ve always wanted! The cooling technology gives your facial muscles a workout, effortlessly lifting and tightening skin.

    No Side Effects, No Downtime

    The treatment is non-invasive and non-surgical. No needles, injections, filler or Botox! Walk out of our salon feeling refreshed and ready to go for an evening dinner at Din Tai Fung with friends and family.

    100% Clean and Safe

    A completely NEW treatment set is used for each customer to ensure safety and cleanliness! All products used for your treatment are taken directly out of the packaging, 100% no contamination and no oxidization.

    See Results Immediately

    That’s right, you will see a visible reduction in wrinkles as well as tighter skin immediately aftertreatment! This is only possible with the latest Cryo Facelift technology that uses a cooling microcurrent to exercise your facial muscles.

    Bonus: Get Free Anti-wrinkle Eye Treatment At Our New Singpost Outlet!

    Our 100 Min Process

    Step 1. Washing of face and shoulders.

    To start off, we cleanse your face and shoulders with apple stem cell extract to wash away oil, dirt and impurities left by the environment.

    Step 2. Enzyme Softening. 

    Next, we treat sun-damaged and dry skin with a softening enzyme formula that makes your skin silky smooth.

    Step 3. Steaming of Pores.

    Through gentle steaming, we help to open up your pores, enabling deadskin/dirt beneath the skin to be easily extracted. This adds an extra softening effect to your face while also balancing your pH levels

    Step 4. Extract and Toner.

    We then apply a cooling Morus Alba Leaf extract and rose toner to close and tighten your pores. This reduces inflammation of skin as well as redness

    Step 5. Customized Skin Enhancer Formula.

    A nourishing skin enhancing essence tailored to your specific skin type (oily, dry, or combination) is applied to encourage the growth of new skin cells. The enhancer also comes with a moisturizing factor that helps your skin retain moisture

    Step 6. Calming Lympathic Detox.

    Using Citibeauty’s own special massage technique, we use firm and deft strokes to drain excess fluids from your lymph nodes. This soothes your facial muscles, restores moisture to dry and damaged skin, and brightens skin tone. Better lymph flow helps to rebalance the fibrinogen in your body, triggering your metabolic functions (growth of new cells) and improving immune response.

    Step 7. CRYO Vitalite Lift.

    The latest technology–CRYO Vitalite Facelift machine–is used to tighten and lift your skin, reducing appearance of wrinkles. The machine uses a cooling microcurrent to alternatively contract and relax facial muscles, effectively giving your face an exercise!

    Choose 1 of 2 additional Cryo treatments–Cryo Soothe or Cryo Soften. Cryo Soothe helps you calm inflamed, irritated skin while Cryo Soften shrinks pores and increases absorbency to achieve a smoother complexion!

    Step 8. Choose 1 of 5 Face Masks:

    Collagen, Lavender, Chamomile, Rose and Hyaluronic. Each mask has its own unique properties. For example, choose Collagen for lifting, Lavender for lifting and acne-prone skin, or Hyaluronic for retaining moisture.

    Step 9. Shoulder and Neck Massage.

    To top it all off, our beauticians give you a gentle shoulder and neck massage to relieve any stiffness that has built up. And you’re done! Look forward to a more youthful you!

    Step 10. Aftercare and Sunscreen.

    For the best results, do reduce exposure to sunlight after the treatment by wearing sunscreen and protective clothing!


    How safe is the treatment?

    The treatment is very safe. Unlike other facelifting treatments, it is non-invasive and non-surgical

    How quickly will I see results?

    You will see an immediate lift to your face with reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Don’t believe us? You can take before-and-after pictures to see the difference yourself!

    Is there any downtime or side-effects?

    No downtime is required. You may feel a slight tingling/numbness during treatment (including if you wear dentures or metal fillings), but it will wear off within a few hours.

    Is the treatment suitable for sensitive skin?

    Yes, the treatment is suitable for everyone regardless of skin type!

    If you are acne-prone or have sensitive skin, other anti-ageing treatments that heat up the skin may cause you to flare up. Cryo Facelift is a good alternative as it uses cooling technology instead.

    Will there be hard selling?

    Rest assured that you do not have to buy anything if you don’t want to. We are confident in our expertise and prefer to let the results speak for themselves.

    What You’ll See & Feel

    Dewy Skin That Glows

    Notice your pigmentation spots fade away, making way for a more even, brighter skin tone that emits brilliance as our high quality whitening treatments work to inhibit the activity of your underlying melanin cells (responsible for sun damage) as well as decompose them, giving you dewy, transparent-like skin.

    Reduction in Fine Lines & Wrinkles

    Our DNA C White Formula has a stimulating effect on collagen synthesis, the protein which is commonly known as our skin’s building blocks. This adds elasticity and strengthens your skin, fading your fine lines and wrinkles, unveiling a smoother, younger looking skin.

    Supple, Smooth Skin

    As our treatment works to clear your skin’s buildup of dead skin cells and deeply hydrates your skin, your complexion is given more room to breathe. Visibly you’ll see a glow emerging from your skin and feel-wise, you’ll have a softer and silkier skin – lovely to your fingers!

    No Downtime Needed

    Stroll out after a session to dinner at Crystal Jade or your favourite restaurant right away. While effective, our DNA Radiance C White Facial Therapy is less intense on our skin as compared to other treatments, requiring no recovery time.

    Step One - Step One - Facial Cleansing Using Gentle Milk Lotion With Apple Stem Cell Extract

    Packed with a nutritious blend of ingredients, our milk lotion cleanser will help remove the excess oil, makeup, and remains of pollution allowing your complexion room to breathe.

    Step Two - DNA C White Enzyme Peeling

    Now it’s time to nourish your skin and clear your dead skin cells. Apart from helping your skin better absorb moisture, our DNA C White Enzyme lightens your pigmentation spots, helping your skin achieve a bright, even tone.

    Step Three - Extraction & Toner

    A light steam will be used to melt the dirt within your pores to aid with the extraction process. This is followed by the application of Morus Alba Leaf Extract formula to stabilise your skin’s pH and soothe away any redness.

    Step Four - DNA C White Customised Formula

    This step is basically a buffet heaven for your skin! A nutrient-packed formula will be crafted specially for you, renewing your skin, boosting its elasticity, and most importantly inhibiting melanin production (preventing pigmentation spots from forming!).

    Step Five - Face Massage with Special Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique

    Natural face contouring and lifting with a vitamin-filled energy oil that’ll help your skin build binding collagen and elastin fibres, renewing your damaged skin and restoring its youthful elasticity.

    Step Six - C White Activator Reinforce Mask

    Made with rice bran extract (known for its deep hydrating and anti-aging properties), this mask nourishes your skin with antioxidants and boosts your skin’s cellular renewal rate.

    Instantly Look Years Younger @ Just $39.90

    Technology has come a long way. No longer do we have to use surgical and invasive methods to reverse the signs of ageing.

    Wrinkles, crows’ feet, smile lines and even sagging skin can be smoothed away.

    Let us help you regain a youthful appearance with radiant skin and complexion.

    Simply fill in the form to enjoy our Opening Special Promo and get a free anti-wrinkle eye treatment (worth $13.99) at our new Singpost outlet!

    Here is what you can expect after just 1 session:

    • See visible reduction in wrinkles, crow lines and smile lines!
    • Look young and radiant with smoother and tighter skin
    • Healthy-looking and brightercomplexion
    • No pain, downtime, redness or irritation

      *T&Cs apply

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