Is rental income passive income when you manage everything on your own? 

Dear Condo Landlord and Property Investor,

Now imagine:

Your tenant is constantly late with payments, complains about everything in your home, and has poor personal hygiene.

Slowly, your once-clean home has become worn out:

Moulding  on the wall begin to appear

Heavily scratched/stained walls

Marks all over the furniture

Pungent stench when you step into your home.

Let’s not talk about the kitchen and sink...

Worse, your property agent took “forwarding messages” literally...He forwards the message between you and the tenant without putting in effort. 

The only time he’s proactive? When the tenancy contract is expiring soon.

Sadly, some landlord couldn’t keep up with the stress, so they exit the market early without taking advantage of property appreciation. 

But I’m here to tell you, it shouldn’t be like this

It’s possible to have a property manager who genuinely cares—manages your day to day matters with the tenant from pre-ongoing-post rent also that you can enjoy true passive income.

The best part? There's no additional cost involve as long as we're the ones that source your tenant for you.

And I’ll share with you how we can help


Years In The Market


Exclusive Landlord


Worth Of Property Managed

Get your property rented out within 1 month

You've heard your fair shares of horror stories

Tenant's not being responsive when it comes to payment, always complain of faulty appliances, or even make the home a mess.

All these could've been mitigated if the property agent and landlord vet through potential tenant thoroughly. And that's exactly what we do.

Let us show you our process:

Qualifying potential tenant through basic requirements like income, employment and ID verification

Re-qualify through virtual house tour to make sure tenant are serious about renting the flat

Reference check with previous landlord. The key is to find habits/patterns that sound off as a red flag

Proceed with live viewing and negotiation of rental fee

With that said, 95% of our client get quality tenant within 1 month. This ensure that we have sufficient time to vet through potential tenant. 

enjoy true passive income

It's no secret that landlord and tenant have their own interest at heart. Any direct communication will lead to disagreement and argument. 

This should not have happen at all.

Being your property manager means that you can leave the communication, negotiation and errands to us. 

Not only that, we also have software, systems and processes when it comes to property management:

  • Inventory Checklist
  • Property Expenditure Report
  • Exit Inspection Report
  • Tax Consolidation 
  • Repair and Maintenance Accountability Sheet 

All done for you. (Scroll down to see)

Our goal is to make you a passive landlord.

This means that you can enjoy a peace of mind knowing that your home is well taken care of with our help. Yep, we also take care of repairs and damages and make sure payment goes in on time or chase them if we have to.

Save Up to $5000 in Expenses

“Washing machine halfway not working, can you fix it now? Urgent.”

It's the third time they've informed on the same issue. Being a responsible landlord, you decide to change the whole washing machine, which cost around $500. In the end, you realize the wiring broke which could be fixed with $20.

It's always about repair vs replacement. As your property manager, we will first see it for ourselves, then assess what needs fixing and take care of it as quickly as possible without any hassle on your part.

As we manage more than 100 condominium properties, this gives us the economy of scale for all household needs — painting, cleaning, contractor, appliances. This is why we can get multiple cheap quotes with high-quality vendors.

We are proud to say that landlord have saved an estimated 1 month of their rental income by working with us on a 2-year basis.

You might be wondering: “are you sure?”

We completely understand. Take a look at some of the conversations we had with our tenant:

Who I’m best fitted for

First Time Condo Landlord

Congratulations on your first investment purchase! You might have a lot of concerns right now—after all, there are too many considerations when it comes to renting a unit.

It’s okay; we would like to explore the options available for property investment, rental yield, and exit strategy.


Lease expiring soon, and need someone who cares yet also take a proactive approach to manage your property?

Well, you already know how we can help!


If you’re a multiple property investor and is currently managing on your own, or is being managed by someone who wasn’t responsive and helpful?

You might want to consider our help; we even try to get you a better lease while decreasing your property expenditure.

We utilize on SOP, system and software

New Tenancy Checklist

New tenant? We'll make sure everything is in good place and condition so that we're able to track damages.

Market Update Sheet

Keeping up with latest market trend like rental rates and property market value to make sure we're in a advantageous position.

Expenses Consolidation Sheet

Ongoing expenses expenditure like repair and maintenance? All tracked by us, you can expect expenses consolidation and tax write up from us—goodbye to accounting headache!

Exit Inspection Report

Lease expires and tenant not wanting to renew? We'll make sure tenant stay accountable for the damage caused.

Maintenance and Repair Accountability Sheet

Splitting cost on repair services? All tracked so that both sides are clear on the amount they have to contribute according to agreement.

Don’t worry though, it’s all done for you when we’re your property manager

Hear from our client

About us

Hi, I am Gary Lim. As a property management expert, my job is to ensure landlord like you have a peace of mind so that they can spend more quality time with their family while earning true passive income from their properties.

11 years ago, I began my career in real estate and realized how property agent would disappear after receiving the lease's commission. In the end, landlord have to manage everything themselves. 

This wasn't right. 

The market gap has allowed us to provide value, and more importantly we get to forge meaningful relationship with both landlord and tenant.  

Now, we are managing over 100's of condominium properties and have successfully help some of the landlord to exit the market at the right time.



So many things you do, how can you handle it?

We are currently operating as a family business.
From me focusing on relationship management, while my wife and sister concentrate on the back end when it comes to repair and maintenance work.

When do I need to pay the commission?

We only receive the commission when you have officially signed the contract—no up front payment required.

How much is your commission?

In Singapore, the standard commission is half month of rent for per year of lease.

Are you licensed to rent my property?

Yes, we are license to help, propnex id :

Emotional close

By now, you already how committed we are to save you time and money through property management.

But don't make any decision now or take our word for it until you meet us in person to see if we’re someone who walks the talk.

The objective of this consultation is for us to listen, know your current situation and see if that’s something we can confidently help.

Here’s what you can expect to receive when we meet up for a consultation:

In-depth market analysis and customized report for you

Walkthrough the process from pre to post rental

Virtual Tour to qualify tenant online.(U.P $299)/FREE

    All information is held in the strictest confidence in accordance with our privacy policy