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Generating more than 100 customers every month

The leading beauty chain in Singapore, Bioskin is no stranger to advertising and marketing practices. However, Bioskin's stronghold has been in offline channels such as TV and road shows. Being aware of the fact that attention is drastically shifting online, Bioskin has been trying out digital marketing but with unsatisfactory results.


Bioskin has been getting low quality leads via the use of Facebook lead generation forms. People who signed up on the campaigns hardly show up for the appointments. They start to doubt if Facebook and social media is effective at all in generating results. Upon seeing the many successful case studies and testimonials that Ice Cube Marketing has under its belt, Bioskin took a leap of faith with us. We started off with a 3 months trial campaign.


We sat down and asked for insights about the characteristics of the existing customers base and gathered that they are primarily problem-aware.
We crafted 3 ad angles, 2 of which are problem-aware and 1 being solution-aware. T

he problem-aware ads hit home run. The message was around "replacing the status quo", specifically using newer ways to improve their facial beauty instead of sticking to traditional methods. Following the 3 months, we scaled the campaign further with retargeting and audience liquidity.

Search & social cross-targeting

Copywriting of suspense-driven ads

Scaling of campaign with multiple ad angles

Prevention of ad fatigue with varied messaging


150 new paying customers in 1 month

23% conversion rate