“My beloved dog has stopped barking nonstop when I leave the house! I would never have imagined her being like this two months ago."

Introducing Awemyhome’s Donut Dog Bed

Using scientific and anti-anxiety principles to calm dog down, improve sleep, and finally live life without fear, and worry.


My dog jumped in and immediately claimed it as his! If you're considering this bed, I feel pretty certain you won't be disappointed.


He used to be afraid when I wasn't around... He no longer bothers to look where I am. Awemyhome's bed is clearly more important than
me right now.


Wow! I purchased other dog beds, but my dog never wanted to use them on a regular basis. But for this, he walked straight and went to sleep!


The best investment for my boys, and you know it's good when they jump in right away! I can see why they like it because the material is soft!

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Top 3 benefits your dog can experience from our Anti Anxiety Donut Bed

Improve Sleep Quality

Did you know that dogs can sleep up to 11 hours per day on average? Like us, the importance of sleep is frequently underestimated.

According to Joan C. Hendricks, Bower Professor of Small Animal Medicine, sleep-deprived animals are more susceptible to infections.

Quality sleep also helps dogs' brain development, memory, and learning capacity, as well as their immune system!

This is also one of the key reasons why dog owners are excited over our dog bed!

Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can activate your dog's flight-or-fight stress response, causing a flood of chemicals and hormones, such as adrenaline, to enter their system.

You may or may not have noticed your dogs acting strangely, such as barking or howling when you're not around or even hiding in a corner of your house when he's scared.

This is frequently the cause of anxiety-related problems.

Our dog beds are specifically designed to mimic the curling position in which they are born, which has been shown to provide them with a sense of security and comfort, reducing the flood of hormones.

Maximum Comfort using Soft Faux Fur with Raised Rims

Without the right comfort – regardless of how good the bed is, if our fur friends aren't going to use it on a daily basis, how can they reap the benefits of the bed?

Our team at Awemyhome tested multiple materials before settling on soft faux fur. It’s is completely safe for dogs, long lasting and also provides maximum comfort due to it’s smooth texture!

Don’t get a dog bed without knowing this first! Here’s how our dog bed compares to others!

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Awemyhome’s Donut Be


Premium Soft Faux Fur for comfort

Using scientific principles

Machine washable cover

Increase sleep quality

Raised Rims

Mimic’s dog most comfortable position

High quality Zipper

Antidepressant for dogs... Why Risk The Side Effects?

While humans can feel and express their emotions in response to the side effects of antidepressants such as clomipramine, fluoxetine, etc.

That's definitely not the case for dogs...

Studies also show that 25% of dogs who take antidepressants experience side effect such as:

Loss of appetite and malnutrition






Not to mention the physical dependence that antidepressants can cause. You've probably seen studies that discuss withdrawal symptoms when stopping or reducing dosages.

This shouldn’t be the case

At Awemyhome, we want all dogs to stay healthy, happy and full of joy by using the holistic approach (Instead of risky medicine)

It's no secret that good sleep, nutrition, and the right training are the best for our dogs' physical and mental health.

Given that dogs can sleep for up to 12-14 hours per day, it's critical to ensure that they're as comfortable as possible during their sleep.

Combine that with appropriate training and attention they want? It's possible to recovery from anxiety or over dependence without the use of harmful drugs

The truth is, we can’t spend all our days playing with our dogs. But it’s our responsibility to ensure their comfort and health such that if the inevitable were to happen one day, we have done our best!

Join 10,637 owners who’ve prioritise their dog’s sleep and health today!

And to make it easier for paw parents like you, our donut bed also includes:

Anti Slip Design

With the anti-slip feature, you have the convenience and portability to put the dog bed in the back of your car or easily move between multiple locations at home.

This allows you to switch between areas while also ensuring your dog's safety, especially if it is placed above ground level.

Removable Cover

You already know how much our four-legged friends enjoy running around. We can't, however, shower them every day because it causes dryness and itchiness!

This is why we have a simple removable cover that you can remove and throw in the washing machine. It's so easy!

Our 14 day guarantee fit

Afraid of choosing the wrong size? Say no more!

In an event that you find your donut bed being too small, or big, you’re entitled to our 1 to 1 exchange! Simply reach out to our customer service care and we’ll guide you through the next step with you.

Your Dog Deserve The Best!


Will this work for my dog?

While all dog’s respond different with anxiety related symptoms, our customers found when their dogs use awemyhome’s bed on a daily basis had these benefit:

-Less disruptive and reactive after 14 days
-Had a better sleep overall
-Are more calm in general, even without owner’s presence at home

Do you ship to my country?

Yes! We ship worldwide! 

Can my dog use this even if he/she does not have anxiety?

Yes, in fact, a lot of our customer are raving over our dog bed because it’s just too comfortable to begin with

Their dog just glue themselves into the bed!

And of course, being machine washable means that this also brings convenience to you yourself when it comes to washing, and cleaning up! 

Why do I need this, when my dog are going through anti anxiety medication?

Well, the truth is while anti anxiety medical does work, our customers also shared with us the adverse side effects after using these medications on a long term basis.

Side effect such as vomiting, loss of appetite and malnutrition is a commonplace.

Not to mention they also get reliant on the medicine prescribed by the doctor.

If you want to focus on the holistic approach towards your best friend’s health, the dog bed will benefit him tremendously.

Check out the beds and sizes that fits them!

What size would you recommend?

You can click here to check out the sizes here that might be suitable for your dog.

Is there physical stores so that we can try out the dog bed first?

Unfortunately, we do not have a physical store.

We choose to provide directly to our customers without the middle man, and rental fees.

This minimize our operational cost and we can give our customers maximum savings!

What if my dog does not love it?

While we’re confident that your dog will soak themselves into our bed, we understand your concern.

Feel free to reach out to our customer service team and we’ll advise you accordingly!