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Achieve Natural Glow, Skin Tightening and V-shape Feature with our “GuaSha x Bojin Treatment”

No pain, redness, and even packages... oryour money back

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Introducing TCM GuaSha x Bojin MTM treatment

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Here’s what you can expect in just 1 single session

Get that Natural, Glowing Radiance

Have you ever wondered why some women appear to have a natural glow while others look dull, and tired?

This is typically caused by a clogged lymphatic system and meridian channels due to our lifestyle, stress and workload.

To achieve that natural radiance, the treatment will focus on our internal health–lymphatic drainage and unclogging the meridian channels in order to remove toxins and promote blood circulation.

Skin tightening and V-shape feature

We've discovered that the GuaSha technique works particularly well on the side of the jaw to create that contoured, V-shape effect.

With Bojin, focusing on the meridian channels helps to remove toxins and stimulate collagen production, resulting in firmer, lifted skin.

The combination of both is really the well kept secret that can assist with firm, lifted skins and sharper feature!

Most comfortable 60 minutes you’ll ever feel

With the modern day lifestyle, stressors and workload, it’s no surprise to see how fatigue and tired we are.

Our treatments are meant for our customers to relax, sit back and unwind while beautifying your face!

Our TCM Beauticians are trained to place the pressure on the right spot so that you can enjoy the full experience of our treatment.

In fact, we are so confident with the results you’re going to get...

We’re going to make you this promise. If the on-site comparison, you didn’t notice any glowing radiance, skin tightening or a sharper feature ?

We’ll refund you 100% of your money back... no question asked.

*Terms and conditions applies*

Here’s what you can expect during your 60-minute nourishing treatment


Skin Analysis


Double Cleanse


Exfoliating Scrub


Light Extraction


Eyebrow shaping


Gua Sha x Bojin Treatment


Crystal Series Facemask

Our promise to you

No package

Yes, you read that correctly. We do not have a sales package or a sales target at Antiago.

We believe inletting our products or services speak for themselves, and we're proud to say that the majority of our customers returned to us without having to commit to any packages.

What matters is that the product or service works.

No hard-selling

While we do recommend products to our customer when we determine the underlying cause of your issue

Rest assured that we have no sales consultant to deploy any pressure technique just to make you buy.

Trained TCM the rapist only

All our beautician have at least 3 years of TCM experience and go through vigorous trainings before helping our customers.

They’re also required to pass our internal assessment to ensure consistency and skill before they are qualified to serve customers.

You can rest assured that you’re in safe and expert hands.

No redness, scarring and pain

We don't have to scrape through our faces and cause redness when using traditional Gua Sha Technique because our faces are thinner than other body parts and require less force.

Rest assured, It will still be effective without any redness, scarring or pain. The treatment is also meant to be relaxing and comfortable while being effective.

The treatment is so effective because of the combination of...

JFT Herbal Cream

JFT Herbal cream consists of 5 key herbs that have been scientifically proven to aid in lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, and skin health.

The 5 ingredients are:

  • Dioscorea Villosa
  • Echinacea Purpurea
  • Lycium Barbarum
  • Lavander Water
  • Aloe Vera

The herbal cream will be applied to your face first, and the traditional Gua Sha and Bojin techniques will allow these key ingredients to absorb more efficiently into our skin.

Gua Sha and Bojin Technique with Authentic Bianstone

Bianstone has been a cornerstone of ancient treatment in China.

When it is rubbed against the body, it generates an ultrasonic impulse, which has been shown to aid in lymphatic drainage, improve micro circulation, and eliminate heat and poison energy.

Not to worry, there will not be any downtime, redness or scarring because the GuaSha technique will not be rough due to the skin thickness on our face.

About Us

Antiago is a friendly and quality brand, established with the intention of releasing the stress of youths and making it easier for them to enjoy high quality services. The price is clear and transparent, so is the service process.

Antiago is here to deliver a simple, comfortable and high quality service experience. Restoring to the core of products and services, minus the middleman link, so that the price is more reasonable, no pressure on consumption.

As there is no need to buy packages, you can enjoy the same low price and high quality services, bringing value-for-money services and products to everyone. Let Antiago become a fashionable way of life.

Corporate culture: Let every consumer enjoy high quality services easily.

Cultural philosophy: Simple, Comfortable, Sincere, Focus, Professional, Dedicated


Is this good for sensitive skin

Of course! The herbal cream we'll be applying is all-natural herbs. And we promise that it'll be a comfortable, no-pressure 60 min you'll ever feel!

I’ve heard of bianstone, but does it really work?

Yes! Of course, it has been proven to work due to the ultrasound vibration it produce. A little fun fact, did you know that the theraphist that helps you also reap the benefit as well?


Can I purchase a package if it’s good?

Unfortunately we do not offer any packages. If you’re interested, you can come back again as and schedule your next appointment after the treatment. Just take note that we don’t collect payment until the day itself!

I’ve heard about Bianstone, does it have any special properties?

Yes! Of course, it has been proven to work due to the ultrasound vibration it produce which can help with micro circulation, lymphatic drainage, eliminate poison and heat energy.

A little fun fact, did you know that the therapist that helps you also reap the benefit as well?


Does this treatment hurt or have downtime since its Gua Sha?

As our face is thinner, using traditional Gua Sha technique that is used on other body parts might hurt our face. So we did adjust the technique, to make sure it’s effective without causing pain and redness post treatment.


Can I try if I’m pregnant?

While the treatment consist of natural ingredient, but we do not encourage you to give this a try if you’re pregnant due to , but for safety purposes we will not encourage you to give this a try if you’re pregnant.

You probably already know how our 2-in-1 GuaSha x Bojin Treatment can rejuvenate your skin and give you an instant lifted skin in just 1 session–focusing on lymphatic drainage and meridian channels without any pain or downtime.

But it's understandable that you're not completely convinced that this will provide you with the benefits you seek.

This is why we’ve the 100% money back guarantee to protect youin a scenario you did not see any visible results or difference.

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